Corina Noomen

Administrative Staff Member
“Everyone is willing to go the extra mile. For the company and for each other”.

I have been working for Bever Innovations for 20 years now, and I am not about to stop any time soon! At the beginning of the '00s, I moved from Zevenhuizen to Zierikzee. I was pregnant at the time and decided to focus entirely on motherhood. After one and a half years, however, the walls came crashing down on me. I wanted to go back to work! At that time, I saw a very small advert in the newspaper, for an administrative job for 6 hours. A godsend! On 1 January 2002, I started at Bever Innovations as a sort of jack-of-all-trades. Being responsible for personnel administration and for entering invoices, but also, for example, ensured that the coffee pot was well stocked.

Over the past 20 years, I have seen Bever Innovations develop enormously. We have grown from a small group of people to a healthy organisation with approximately 50 employees. But also from a local to an international player. This has of course had consequences for our (internal) business operations. Nevertheless, we have remained a close-knit team, partly thanks to the active staff association. We organize a lot for employees and their families, such as the Bever barbecue, the annual Bever days and many other activities. Bever Innovations is also very flexible. When my daughter was ill, I could always shift my work hours. And starting an hour later was and is no problem either. This freedom and trust results in a high level of employee commitment, and people are willing to go the extra mile. For our company and for each other. For example, when the social workshops were temporarily closed due to the corona lockdown, we assembled the LED products with a number of colleagues.

Meanwhile, my contract has been extended to 24 hours, in which I take care of the hour registration, travel expenses, holidays, sick leave and pension administration, among other things. Moreover, I am responsible for a part of the facility services, in which, apart from the coffee, I also make sure that there is always a sufficient quantity of office supplies. This way, no one has to miss out and my colleagues and I can function 100%, in a great workplace.