Our mission:

Development, growth and connecting systems have been the common theme of Bever Innovations for over 25 years. This strategic course will continue unchanged in the year 2047. "In the coming years, we want to develop our Bever Smart Technology even further, according to the motto 'LEDs connect the future'," says director Jacco de Ronde. "Our aim is to collect as much data as possible, on the basis of which products, processes and safety can be brought to an even higher level. We also want to further increase the sustainability and energy efficiency of our products and processes. All our products have the possibility to connect with back office systems. This creates possibilities for asset management and predictable maintenance, which can lead to significant savings in service, maintenance and energy costs."

Optimal connectivity, control and 24/7 insight

"Our ambition is that in the future no filling station, charging station or industrial building will be built without Bever products being integrated into it," says commercial director Erwin Dingemanse. "Of course, we are happy to take care of the remote monitoring and management. Technical director Rutger van Dierendonck: "Over the past few years, we have worked very hard to optimise our services in this area. For example, we developed an API as an extension of our Bever Smart Technology, which ensures a secure connection and data storage. Moreover, this API enables safe and reliable communication between our app and Smart devices and ensures that measured data can be presented to users in a good and clear way. In the future, we can easily add new features via the API and open up data to third parties."

The latter is in particular an absolute benefit, according to him. "In the future, we would like to make our data available to third-party systems, so that lighting and security systems, for example, can be better coordinated. But also so that customers can see at a glance what is going on at their filling station or in their building. For both the petrol retail market and the industry, this connectivity offers enormous advantages. We see it as our task to make the market aware of this and to support customers in this."

Maximum impact

The same ambition applies to the horticulture sector. "We are currently investigating how we can optimise and internationalise our systems in this sector. In addition, we are investigating the possibilities for market expansion," says Rutger. "At the moment the Leaf Carrier LED grow trolleys are still mainly used in clean, laboratory-like growing environments. In the future, we would like to serve the ‘dirtier’ environments as well, in order to create maximum impact here as well. The introduction of the waterproof Leaf Carrier is a great first step in this direction."