Joop Janse

Production Assistant
'We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, but more importantly to be smarter than others'
The common theme in over 25 years of Bever Innovations is that we try to be smarter than the rest of the world. Instead of developing every project from scratch, we work with standardized products that can be fine-tuned and adjusted exactly to the customer's needs. Both with regard to the LED price displays and LED canopy fixtures. Thanks to this smart way of working we can guarantee fast delivery times and a constant high quality.

Besides the products themselves, working smarter is in the way the products are installed and serviced. When I started working for Bever as a service engineer in 1998, one of the things I was asked to do was to service the price signs for Fina (now Total). The new price signs had been delivered by an English manufacturer and had quite a few delivery points. It was my honor and pleasure to make these price signs in working again. Normally, two service technicians would be needed to make sure the inspection went smoothly. For example, to erect the 5-meter-high scaffolding. Bever found a solution for this, with a digital camera placed on a long stick. Not only did this save 2-3 hours in erecting the scaffolding, but the extra hours, service crew could be used elsewhere!

In order to simplify the management of the prize displays as well, a change of automation took place around the same time. The price signs were linked to the cash register system at the filling stations, so that cashiers no longer had to walk to the price signs with a ladder and number plates to adjust fuel prices. Thanks to a Power Line Modem, it was not necessary to lay a data cable right through the petrol station. Instead, communication via the electrical grid was opted for. Wherever there was a lamppost, we were able to install an automatic price display.

In the years that followed, Bever Innovations continued to be as innovative as ever. This is proven by, for example, our LED displays for price signs, the smart LED fixtures for gas stations and industry, and the mobile grow carts in which growers can raise plants and tissues under exactly the right light spectrum. In the future, many new technologies will be added to these, of which we cannot yet dream!

Over the past 25 years, I have seen Bever Innovations develop from a small consultancy and maintenance company into a healthy international player. I knew the owner and co-founder Michel den Brabander from the local pub, where he occasionally came to play billiards. Michel expressed his need for a technical temporary worker who could support him in the maintenance and servicing of price signs and the installation of lighting fixtures. I started out in the technical field and after a number of years in the flower and vegetable sector, among other things, this trade interested me again. That is why I registered with the employment agency. In addition to various smaller jobs, I was involved in the construction of the new Showbiz City in Aalsmeer, which at the time was the center for media, entertainment and events, and where Bever was asked to install the set lighting. After winning the contract with Fina, I became a permanent employee. Bever Innovations' customer base has grown considerably in recent years. I've also had more and more colleagues, who bring in new knowledge, expertise and energy. In 2022, my work is still anything but boring. For several years now I have been working as a production assistant and also in this function I constantly have to keep my head on the ball. For example, to guarantee that products and specials function flawlessly and plug-and-play all over the world. My experience as a service engineer comes in very handy here.