Research & Development:
the basis of our success

Trends, technologies and developments follow each other at lightning pace in the lighting industry. Research and development are essential if we are to home in on the wishes and needs of customers and prospects and guarantee a high standard of product quality. It’s for good reason that Research & Development is one of the core values of our company. It’s the key to our competitive advantage and in recent years has given rise to a wide array of new applications as well as innovations.

Dynamic content

Our Research & Development department consists of an experienced team of around ten electronics, software and hardware designers continuously engaged in developing and testing new solutions within our existing product portfolios. What’s more, they research the impact of various developments. In particular, we’re currently seeing a growing need for dynamic content at fuel stations—the ability to actively promote coffee, sandwiches and other products in addition to fuel prices. Our InMotion (InMo) LED screen is ideal for this. After all, it’s easy to integrate this screen into the pricing display using modular components, where it serves as a pricing display, information terminal and marketing tool in one.

Asset management solutions

We’re also seeing growing demand for asset management solutions that entail the data from such things as LED downlights and LED price displays being used to simplify fuel station management and ensure that budgets are drawn up and spent better. Our innovative Smart Technology makes such solutions unproblematic. Data pertaining to such variables as temperatures, number of burning hours and light intensities is automatically saved in the LED products and can easily be read out (in situ or otherwise). What’s more, adding an Smart Connected Bridge (gateway) with Internet connection makes connections to Bever Innovations’ web portal or customers’ own software possible.

More control with fewer people

It’s not just our Smart Technology, but above all the decision to integrate the technology into all our products is one of the most significant development choices made over the past few years. It ensures that we are dovetailing perfectly with customers’ need to have greater control with fewer people. Smart linking of lighting, pricing displays and LED screens gives us a real asset. Particularly once automatic data exchange becomes possible in the future. Another unique aspect is the flexible composition of our products, which makes it easy to implement customer-specific wishes and modifications in terms of design, housing and operation.

Important core value

Research & Development has always been an important core value within Bever Innovations. Rather than standard products, we are keen to develop added value and supply this to our customers. The only way to succeed at this is to engage in dialogue with customers. What are their dreams when it comes to the installation, management and maintenance of lighting, pricing displays and LED screens? And what ideas do we ourselves have when it comes to making processes even more visible, efficient, easier to manage and/or safer?

Complete development, from electronics to housing

As an organisation, we have an extensive track record in electronics development. Consider in this regard such activities as developing printed circuit boards (PCBs) and microcontrollers, though also the efficient cooperation between the various components. Our services have expanded over the years to include some software development, enabling us to home in on customers’ wishes and provide (new) added value with a high degree of flexibility. The software pertains to all levels: from PCB to operation and configurations. Furthermore, our designers put a great deal of time and energy into developing suitable housings.

Comprehensive, advanced test systems

The fact that our products are fully assembled externally at two sheltered workshops means that a sizeable proportion of our Research & Development is done by advanced test systems. This encompasses not only visual testing but also power tests and safety tests, for the purposes of which we also develop hardware and software in-house. A camera checks whether all LEDs in our products switch on at the right time. Moreover, we check such factors as voltages, sturdiness and weatherproofing prior to the product design including test systems and assembly instructions being supplied to our production partners.