Anja Kraan, Joint Team Leader of Bever Innovations’ Customer Service department:

‘The diversity and international character make my role varied, exciting and challenging’

The Customer Service department of Bever Innovations’ Fuel division supports sales partners abroad when it comes to issuing quotes, putting through orders and responding to all kinds of sales queries. What’s more, we are the pivot between the various internal departments, such as Sales, Logistics, Planning and Aftersales.

Custom light plans

If need be, we draw up the LED lighting plans. For canopy and/or area lighting, for instance, which entails us factoring in not only the wishes and requirements of the fuel station operator/oil company but also the local legislation and regulations. All lighting plans are imported into our DIALux lighting software from AutoCAD, whereupon we use a virtual simulation to render the light plan readily comprehensible to our sales partner as well as to the fuel station operator.

Once the project has been awarded to us, we keep in close contact with our Planning and Logistics departments to guarantee that all orders are delivered in full and on time. We perform the same work for the Horticulture and Industrial divisions, albeit for our Dutch sales partners in these cases.

Pro-active feedback and optimisation

The work in the Customer Service department is varied, but that’s precisely what makes this role so enjoyable! Particularly in combination with the international character. Though I started out as a secretary to the directorate, I quickly switched to sales support for businesses operating worldwide. I joined Bever Innovations a decade ago. First as sales and support staff, but last year I became joint team leader. My role puts me right at the level of our internal challenges, as well as the effect of these on our sales partners. By feeding this back proactively and clearly and by continuously testing optimisations in practice, I work with my colleagues to try and provide an even better service to our partners.

Social values

My role sees me in touch with a wide array of (international) companies from such places as Germany, France, South America and Africa, all of which have their own character, way of communicating, customer strategy and documentation method. That keeps my role varied, exciting and challenging. Furthermore, I’m able to do my bit towards the development and sale of sustainable lighting products, which are contributing to fostering a better environment. That’s something I’m extremely proud of.
And I think it’s especially great that the production and assembly of our LED products are done at two sheltered workshops in Vlissingen and Terneuzen, where people with difficulties accessing the labour market are given an opportunity to acquire experience and be a fully fledged part of society.