Intelligent lighting fixtures enable predictive maintenance

The conventional lighting at fuel stations lasts two to three years on average. ‘The technical service frequently has its hands full putting up and taking down scaffolding, installing ladders and replacing luminaries. Yet despite these efforts, they’re fighting a running battle’, says Bart Engels, Business Development Manager at Bever Innovations’ Fuel division. ‘It’s often several weeks before defective luminaries are brought to their attention, leaving customers to contend with poorly lit fuel pumps and dark corners, which irks them immensely. Our intelligent LED lighting is the perfect response to this problem.’

‘All our LED luminaries automatically form a wireless network’, says Engels. ‘The luminaries relay information to each other 24/7, without Internet connection being required. The Bever App on smartphone or tablet enables fuel station managers to view the status of their (lighting) products as well as energy consumption and any faults, to adjust the light intensity of the luminaries and/or activate or deactivate daylight sensors and motion sensors. Individually as well as in groups. And both on-site and remotely, thus offering considerable benefits for manned and unmanned fuel stations. Furthermore, the wireless Bever Dashboard presents opportunities for predictive maintenance, enabling significant savings on the costs of service and maintenance.’

Network completeness

‘In the unlikely event of a luminary failing, this will be flagged up in the Bever App immediately’, explains Engels. ‘Moreover, managers and—if desired—the technical service or maintenance firm will be sent an automatic notification, thereby enabling prompt, appropriate action to be taken. Hence what we guarantee is network completeness.’ Earlier signals are rendered visible too though, he adds.
‘For example, we measure the operating temperature of all critical components in our luminaries 24/7. If these temperatures exceed a critical limit, then this is communicated in the Bever App straight away. Thus enabling predictive maintenance and guaranteeing visibility and safety at fuel stations at all times. Our customers find this exceedingly pleasant.