LED Screen: Professional, striking and dynamic

Fuel stations keen to share their promotions or discounts with customers (or potential customers) frequently put up banners over their totems. This is not only aesthetically displeasing but also requires a lot of effort on the part of the fuel station operators and/or (technical) staff. After all, the banners not only need to be designed, printed and put up but also have to be taken down again after a while. The InMotion (InMo) Price Display from Bever Innovations’ Fuel division makes such efforts a thing of the past.

‘The InMo Price Display is a dynamic LED screen which is easily built into the pricing display’, says Bram Bolle, LED Product Manager at Bever Innovations’ Fuel division. ‘Turning the screen into an information post and marketing tool in one. The LED screen can not only feature fuel prices but also easily highlight discounts and marketing promotions. Both textually and visually. Professional, striking and dynamic, with a suitable message for every occasion.’

Smart design, exceptional clarity

‘The LED screen distinguishes itself by means of a plug-and-play system, smart design, exceptional clarity and contrast and an extensive, detailed range of colours (High Dynamic Range: 48-bit colours over a full dimming range of 300 – 5,000 units)’, says Bolle. ‘An AOP (Active Overheating Protection) unit protects the LEDs in the display from overheating, thus ensuring a long lifespan in excess of 80,000 hours.’

Straightforward remote management

Current prices are automatically displayed thanks to a connection to the POS (Point of Sale) system. What’s more, the display can be managed remotely using the Bever Dashboard, the remote platform from Bever Innovations. ‘All information is available online, enabling remote management too. Those authorized can easily create or change their playlists online. For example, coffee, tea and fresh croissants at the fuel station can be promoted in the morning hours, with sandwiches and other drinks being highlighted in the afternoon. These promotions can alternate with fuel prices, discounts and/or savings campaigns.’

Ideal for high-profile locations

The InMo Price Display is already causing a stir abroad. ‘We recently implemented a project for Lynchs in Ireland, for instance, where the LED screen is being used as a dynamic pricing display’, says Bolle. ‘We’ve already been able to install a variety of screens in the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa and Germany too. We are also expecting interest from premium high-profile locations. Alongside motorways, for example, where a huge number of people can be reached in a short space of time.’