Maximum customer satisfaction, from the pump to the shop

Bever Innovations has built a strong reputation with its intelligent LED solutions for the retail fuel market. Instead of focusing solely on LED displays and LED fixtures, we supply total solutions for outdoor terrain, canopies, shop and price displays, whereby optimum visibility, safety and energy efficiency go hand in hand with easy operation (remote). This is highly appreciated not only by customers, but also petrol station managers.

What makes Bever LED lighting so distinct are its long operating life, high colour fidelity and optimum adjustability. This lighting easily lasts more than 18 years. And because the light is much whiter and brighter than conventional lighting, people, cars, pumps and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times. Intelligent dimming options make it possible to reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%. Surely you wouldn’t say ‘no’ to that?

Welcoming lighting

“Our LED fixtures enable us to readily create a welcoming atmosphere that attracts customers and puts them at ease,” says Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director for the BeNeLux in the Fuel division at Bever Innovations. “From the pump to the shop, which naturally includes the lighting in the parking area, canopies and price displays, everything is perfectly coordinated. Thanks to our lighting fixtures, dark corners and poorly lit price displays at the pump are now a thing of the past. And by linking the price displays to the cash register system, the price displays are always up-to-date.”

Long lifespan, minimum energy use

“With over 100,000 burning hours, Bever LED fixtures last considerably longer than conventional lighting solutions,” explains Jongebreur. “Not only that, but we offer petrol station managers a five-year on-site guarantee and the possibility to achieve significant energy savings with our fixtures. It is for good reason that all Shell, Total, Q8 and BP petrol stations in the Netherlands are equipped with our LED lighting.”

Intelligent dimming

Whereas conventional lighting is on full power 12 hours a day, Bever’s LED lighting automatically dims to a third of lighting capacity in the absence of customers. This is particularly helpful when there is minimal activity at the station, primarily between midnight and 6 am. Jongebreur adds, “As soon as motion is detected, the fixtures switch on automatically and gradually intensify to a certain level of lighting. This enables safe, comfortable refuelling after dark with minimal energy consumption. Savings of up to 90% are not uncommon.”

Custom lighting plan

To better meet the needs of both customers and managers, Bever Innovations prepares a custom lighting plan for every petrol station, one that is clear, safe, intelligent and future-proof. “We use the original building plans for the petrol station to create a 3D model that includes all LED fixtures,” says Jongebreur. “This includes the desired light output. In order to prevent modifications to the infrastructure, we take full account of the existing fixtures in our design. In a simulation, we then provide a detailed virtual display of the lighting plan. If necessary, we implement optimisations, after which we submit the final design and offer.” On approval, Bever Innovations generates a bill of materials from the 3D model, which is used to order the necessary fixtures and related products. “The fact that the production and assembly of our LED fixtures takes place in the Netherlands enables us to guarantee a delivery time of two to a maximum of three weeks.”