Product in the spotlight: LS LED Canopy Lighting

If you want to distinguish your fuel station from the many others out there, replacing conventional lighting with LED can be an important first step. ‘Our LS LED canopy lighting stands out not only because it offers a long life span, high colour fidelity and uniform illumination, but also because it can be controlled perfectly. The lighting easily lasts 18 years. And because the light is much brighter than conventional lighting, people, cars, pumps and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times. Poorly lit pumps and dark corners are no longer an issue, which makes customers feel safer and more welcome. Also early in the morning, in the evening and late at night.’

LS LED Downlight

The key benefits of LS LED canopy lighting:

Long lifespan, minimum energy consumption
With over 100,000 burning hours, the LS LED luminaries last considerably longer than conventional lighting solutions. What is more, we offer fuel station managers a five-year comprehensive guarantee and the potential to achieve significant energy savings with our luminaries. It is for good reason that many Shell, Total, Q8 and BP fuel stations in the Netherlands are equipped with our LED canopy lighting.

No light pollution
Whereas conventional luminaries tend to disperse light, our LED luminaries are very specific and shine downwards in a single beam. The use of special lenses helps to keep light dispersion, light pollution and light waste to a minimum, and creates a beacon in the dark. Intelligent dimming options and integrated daylight and motion sensors also make sure that suitable light intensity is used at all times.

Intelligent dimming
Whereas conventional lighting is on full power 12 hours a day, Bever’s LED canopy lighting automatically dims to ⅓ of lighting capacity in the absence of customers. An option that can really help when there is minimal activity at the fuel station, particularly between 00:00 and 06:00. As soon as motion is detected, the fixtures switch on automatically and gradually intensify to a certain level of lighting. Thereby enabling safe, comfortable refuelling even after sunset, with minimal energy consumption.

Switching from conventional lighting to LED will soon save 60-70% in terms of energy consumption. Our LED lighting will even make savings of 80-90% possible, thanks to the intelligent dimming options and daylight and motion sensors. Huge savings on maintenance costs are also possible. Environmental impact is minimised due to the luminaries not containing any chemicals that are harmful to the environment, such as mercury.

Easy to install
In order to prevent modifications to the infrastructure, we take full account of the existing luminaries in our design. Moreover, as the luminaries can be used in both construction and incorporation scenarios, optimum ease of installation is guaranteed. The luminaries can easily be installed by one person. Connecting the power supply is all that is required, given that all sensors have already been integrated into the lamp. Furthermore, a long power cable will ensure optimum space for installation.

Distinguishing features of the LS LED canopy lighting:

Easy to manage by means of the Bever app

An app on your tablet or smartphone makes it easy for you to set, monitor and manage lighting levels, dimming levels and switching of our LED canopy luminaries at any time without any separate hardware connection being needed. What is more, (zone) links can be created, making controlling light fixtures by zone straightforward.

Specifically developed for fuel stations

Whilst developing the lamp, we not only factored in the challenges presented by manned and unmanned fuel stations but also kept in mind the wishes of customers refuelling their vehicles. In this regard, first-class light output, intelligent dimming options and ease of installation are great examples.

Future-proof canopy lighting:

Wireless, integrated Smart network technology

Thanks to the wireless integrated Bever Smart Technology, the LS LED canopy lighting can easily be incorporated into the SmartS network, which enables all of our LED products to communicate wirelessly. Furthermore, the Smart Technology will ensure optimum harmonisation between all LED lighting equipment.

Data analysis

The data amassed by the various sensors can be utilised for such purposes as clarifying and optimising driving routes and maintenance intervals. Furthermore, the data analysis presents options in terms of ‘network completeness’ and 100% predictive maintenance. The data renders current energy consumption levels transparent and makes it easy for managers to see how much they are saving by having switched to the LS LED canopy lighting.

‘Network completeness’

In the unlikely event of a luminary failing, this will be detected in the Smart network straight away. Managers and—if desired—the technical service or maintenance firm will be sent an automatic notification, thereby enabling prompt, appropriate action to be taken.  Thus guaranteeing ‘network completeness’. However, other statistics can be logged too, including operating temperature of critical components and uptime in dimmed mode. In other words, our Smart Technology not only enables predictive maintenance but also guarantees visibility and safety at fuel stations at all times.