Product in the spotlight: Smart Technology

Approximately 26 billion devices are connected to the Internet across the globe as at 2020. This figure encompasses not only computers, smartphones and tablets but also fridges, televisions, lights, climate-control systems, toothbrushes and bins capable of communicating with each other and with their users through the Internet of Things. Thanks to Bever Innovations’ Smart Technology network functionality, this option is now available for lighting systems at fuel stations too. From the Bever Ambiente and LS LED Under Canopy Illumination and the Price Displays to the InMo outdoor LED screens, which can be monitored and managed better as a result.

The key benefits of Smart Technology:

Smart, discreet electronics

All of Bever Innovations’ LED products come with Smart Technology as standard. Developed by Bever Innovations, this technology encompasses a control circuit board and an antenna which are incorporated into the lighting fixtures (for example) in a smart, discreet way so as not to be visible. These fixtures can subsequently be connected up to the fuel station plug and play-style, with any existing infrastructure being preserved to the maximum extent possible. Following installation, the LED luminaries will automatically constitute a stand-alone wireless network. They relay information to each other 24/7, without Internet connection being required. Consider in this regard information on movements, daylight levels and temperatures, on the basis of which the lighting level can be intelligently turned up and down. Thus ensuring that optimum visibility, safety and energy efficiency go perfectly hand in hand.

Aside from the luminaries, the Smart Technology is also integrated into Bever Innovations’ other devices. Links to third-party systems are possible too, depending on your wishes.

Sensor sharing enables dynamic light control
The fact that all S,art luminaries are interconnected (wirelessly) means that they are also capable of using each other’s sensor information. For instance, when the integrated motion sensor in one particular luminary detects motion at the fuel station, the linked luminaries will immediately and automatically switch on and come up to a pre-set lighting level. Dynamically and ahead of the fuel station visitors, enabling them to navigate over the forecourt safely from arrival to departure as well as to refuel under an optimally lit canopy.

Scalable network
Smart Technology users are not obliged to purchase a minimum or maximum number of Bever LED fixtures. The system is simple, flexible, can be scaled up without limits, and will dovetail neatly with your situation and wishes.

Safe connection
Bever Innovations has developed its own communication protocol in order to guarantee optimum communication between Bever LED luminaries. This not only establishes a direct connection between the LED luminaries and smartphone and/or tablet, but also enables the bridging of significant distances. Moreover, the fact that data from all the LED luminaries is encrypted as standard means optimum security is guaranteed. After all, unauthorised parties will not be able to read out the data amassed from the luminaries and will not be able to tamper with the settings either.

Because Smart Technology uses a stand-alone protocol, it cannot cause faults in the Wi-Fi network and/or other systems.

Distinguishing features of Smart Technology:

Considerable savings in time
Smart Technology makes Bever Innovations’ LED luminaries on your site, under your canopy and in your shop extremely easy to configure and manage using an app on your smartphone or tablet. Users have an extensive range of configuration options at their disposal. Both for individual luminaries or for groups of luminaries, thus enabling you to make considerable savings in time. Hence bypassing and/or ‘forgetting’ certain areas and/or settings will no longer be possible, guaranteeing even illumination and optimum visibility in all places.

24/7 insight
Furthermore, the Bever App enables fuel station managers to locally view the status of their (lighting) products as well as energy consumption and any faults, to adjust the light intensity of the luminaries and to activate or deactivate daylight sensors and motion sensors 24/7. Via the Bever Dashboard it is easy to access, monitor and manage the Smart devices of all authorised petrol stations.

Simple connections to the Internet and/or third-party systems
Various Smart Bridges can be used to create connections to the Internet and/or third-party systems if you so desire. In this regard, the Smart Bridges ensure correct translation of the Smart ‘language’ into the communication protocol of the linked systems and vice versa. Installation of a Smart Connected Bridge (gateway) with Internet connection makes remote management possible, among other things. Thus making it easy for managers and —if desired— the technical service or maintenance firm to log in from a location of their choosing to Bever Innovations’ Bever Dashboard, on which the Smart lighting products of their fuel station(s) can be accessed, monitored and managed. Meaning that service and maintenance engineers will no longer need to physically visit fuel station sites in person in order to gain insight into the status of their (lighting) products, energy consumption, any faults and/or the information on the pricing displays…