Your petrol station: well lit, safely lit

Plenty of petrol stations are still struggling with defective lighting. The light level is inadequate and luminaries frequently fail, resulting in dark corners, a diminished sense of security and high maintenance/replacement costs.

‘Fortunately, the growth in the number of unmanned fuel stations is being accompanied by the growing awareness of the importance of lighting on the part of fuel station owners’, notes Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director Benelux at Bever Innovations, Fuel division. ‘Conventional lighting is increasingly being replaced by Bever Innovations LED lighting, which distinguishes itself by way of its long lifespan, high colour accuracy, intelligent dimming, and optimum controllability.’

Long lifespan, high colour accuracy

Conventional lighting at fuel stations lasts two to three years on average, Jongebreur points out. ‘The technical service frequently has its hands full putting up and taking down scaffolding, installing ladders and replacing luminaries. But despite these efforts, they’re fighting a losing battle. It’s often several weeks before defective luminaries are brought to their attention, leaving customers to contend with dark corners and having to read numbers on displays in poor light conditions, which irks them immensely. Our LED lighting is the perfect response to this problem. The lighting easily lasts 18 years. And because the light is much brighter than conventional lighting, people, cars, pumps and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times.’

Intelligent dimming

Whereas conventional lighting is on full power 12 hours a day, Bever’s LED lighting automatically dims to ⅓ of lighting capacity in the absence of customers. An option that can help when there is minimal activity at the fuel station, particularly between 00:00 and 06:00. Jongebreur: ‘As soon as motion is detected, the luminaries automatically and imperceptibly come up to a certain level of lighting. Thereby enabling safe, comfortable refuelling even after sunset, with minimal energy consumption. Savings of up to 90% are not unusual.’ Thanks to the intelligent dimming, 9 out of 10 fuel station owners earn back their investment in Bever LED lighting within as little as 3 years.

Optimum controllability

Thanks to a link to Bevers’ Smart network functionality, all LED luminaires automatically constitute a standalone, wireless network, which can be easily accessed and managed via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Even remotely. ‘Fuel station owners can adjust the light level and/or dimming values of the luminaries as they please’, says Jongebreur. ‘Thus ensuring we provide bespoke lighting at all times.’ Fuel stations that have already made the switch to Bever LED lighting include all Shell, Total, Q8 and BP fuel stations in the Netherlands. ‘What’s more, in recent years we’ve converted 180 Tamoil fuel stations in a phased approach. The final phase was completed recently.’