Bever Innovations: a trusted player in the fuel retail market for 25 years

From a simple log cabin to an impressive, sustainable new building on the Techniekweg in Zierikzee. From 1 to 50 employees. From doing business in only the Netherlands to over 80 countries worldwide. From roller conveyor price displays, Powerline Modems and Site Alarm Servers to InMotion LED videoscreens and EOS technology. And from a beer at 5 pm to… oh no, that’s still the case. Yet, a tremendous amount has changed in the past 25 years! What started in 1996 as a small, technical design and consulting company has grown into a strong and healthy international player in intelligent LED products. 2022 is the first of another 25 years of Bever Innovations. Together with our employees and customers, we would like to continue building a sustainable and circular future full of LED innovations in, among others, the petrol retail market. LEDs connect the future!

I-Catcher LED displays

Technological breakthroughs, movements in the market and unfulfilled customer wishes have been the basis for numerous new and innovative technologies for 25 years, such as the I-Catcher LED display for electronic price displays. Introduced in 2004, this display still stands out for its innovative technology, excellent visibility and competitive price. The selected LEDs guarantee excellent visibility from every viewing point and under every circumstance. Moreover, the construction of the displays is unique, guaranteeing great flexibility in appearance and size. Since the introduction of the multi-segment display, an extensive range of fonts, colors and dot positions are possible, in line with the corporate identity of the various oil companies. Anno 2022, Bever Innovations even offers more than 300 (!) variants of the LED display, providing customers worldwide with a customized service.

Back in to time with our I-Catcher LED Price Displays

LS LED Canopy Luminaires

With the successful introduction of the I-Catcher LED displays, Bever Innovations quickly gained the name of LED specialist. Regular contacts with oil companies led to the development of the LS LED downlights, which were received enthusiastically by the market thanks to their high reliability, long lifespan, optimum color fastness, dynamic control and considerable energy savings. In a short period of time, deliveries were made to Shell, BP, Esso, Q8 and Total, among others. The fixtures are now in great demand in more than 80 countries worldwide, which also applies to the Bever LED Contour Lighting, LED Shop Lighting, Cubiq low-volt fixtures and Ambiente terrain lighting.

The first series of our LS LED Downlights

InMotion LED Display

The most recent development from Bever Innovations is the InMotion (InMo) LED screen, which can be built into the price totems with modular parts and then functions as a LED price display, information column and marketing tool all in one. Fuel prices, discounts and marketing promotions can be easily highlighted on the LED screen. Both in text and in image, with a suitable message for every moment. Thanks to a PoS link and a price projection on top of the screen image, the most current prices are always shown.

EOS technology

Since its establishment in 1996, connecting systems has been a constant theme in Bever Innovations’ (product) developments. For some years now we have been using our own EOS technology, which can be built cleverly and invisibly into lighting fixtures. After plug-and-play installation, the EOS LED fixtures automatically form a standalone, wireless network. They send information to each other 24/7, without any connection to the internet. For example, information about movements, daylight levels and temperatures, on the basis of which the light level can be switched on and off intelligently. Optimal visibility, safety and energy efficiency are therefore guaranteed.

Thanks to EOS, filling station operators can check the status of their (lighting) products, energy consumption, and any malfunctions 24/7, adjust the light intensity of the fixtures and/or (de)activate daylight and movement sensors. Individually, but also in groups. And both on location and remotely, which offers significant advantages for manned and unmanned petrol stations. In addition, the wireless EOS platform offers possibilities for asset management and predictive maintenance, which can significantly reduce service, maintenance and energy costs. In the coming years, Bever Innovations will be happy to take these technologies to an even higher level.

LEDs connect the future!