Bever Innovations launches LED luminaires with improved LED efficiency

High light output, lower energy consumption

  • New Bever Innovations LED luminaires reduce energy consumption up to an additional 25% compared to standard Bever LED luminaires.
  • An economical investment, that serves the environment.
  • The improved Bever Innovations LED luminaires are available now.

Zierikzee, The Netherlands – Bever Innovations, a leading provider of LED lighting and intelligent technology for the fuel retail industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest LED luminaires with an astonishing 25% improved LED efficiency. These cutting-edge LED products are designed to significantly reduce energy consumption while maintaining the same level of light output and quality as the current Bever LED luminaires.

The newly released LED luminaires, including LS Downlights, Ambiente, and Cubiq, exemplify Bever Innovations’ commitment to setting new standards for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. These innovative luminaires incorporate advanced technology and meet stringent quality criteria, making them the most energy-efficient LED products ever produced by the company.

The renewed LS Downlight 16760 (11552 Lumen) now has a power consumption of 80W instead of 102W. The dimming option on the LS Downlight can bring the energy consumption down even further.

Fuel station owners now have the opportunity to make a smart investment that benefits both the planet and their wallets by adopting Bever Innovations’ more sustainable LED products. The enhanced energy efficiency of these luminaires translates into significant long-term cost savings and reduced environmental impact. The new range of LED products is now available.“Our commitment to continuous innovation and sustainable product development has led us to achieve even greater energy efficiency in our LED luminaires,” said Erwin Dingemanse, Commercial Director of Bever Innovations. 

With this technological breakthrough, we have created our most energy efficient luminaires to date, while maintaining the same light output that our fuel retail customers expect. This positions us as a leader in the market, and we are committed to building upon this success. We will continue to provide our customers with the best LED lighting solutions while continuously striving for further product enhancements that contribute to optimal forecourt and petrol station lighting, all while minimizing energy consumption.”

About Bever Innovations:
Founded in 1996, Bever Innovations is an industry innovator in the LED lighting industry. The company specializes in the development, manufacturing, and supply of intelligent LED solutions for the fuel retail market. ‘We believe in the power of a connected forecourt’. The petrol retail market has important focus areas concerning energy savings, safety and maintenance. With our LED products integrated with Bever Smart Technology, we have a unique answer to those issues. We provide the most sustainable solutions, to help our customers to connect their forecourt. Now and in the future.
Our team always knows how to get the most out of LED technology. We are constantly raising the bar through far-reaching performance improvements. This not only results in groundbreaking innovations and new smart technologies but also in improved competitiveness and added value for our customers. The production and assembly of our LED products take place at social workshops close to our headquarters in Zierikzee, the Netherlands.

For more information about the new Bever Innovations LED products, please contact us.