Bever Innovations stops BeNeLux re-branding activities; ‘Even more focus on LED lighting solutions and LED price displays’.

Source: Pompshop Magazine article (Dutch)

Bever Innovations is the leading specialist in Europe in the field of intelligent LED lighting solutions and LED price displays. From now on, the company from Zierikzee will focus even more on this specialization. This means that Bever will stop re-branding and renovating filling stations. ‘We do not want to be a competitor to our own customers’.

Agri Sneltank Zierikzee
Agri Sneltank, Zierikzee. With InMo LED Screen

In recent years, the service department of Bever Innovations has built a reputation for carrying out complete re-branding of filling stations. The company has many technical people in-house who, in addition to projects with LED lighting and LED price signs, were increasingly used in the most diverse conversion operations in the petrol industry. “We made the decision within Bever Innovations to rigorously stop doing this,” says sales director Hugo Jongebreur. “Over the years we have been doing more and more re-branding of petrol stations. But that is not where our strength, our expertise lies. In doing so, if we take on such projects, we are competing with our clients who are also doing re-branding but to whom we would also like to sell our products. Such a conflict of interest does not seem right to us and therefore we have decided to quit this line of business.”

Market leader
Bever Innovations, started in 1996 and based in Zierikzee since then, is the European market leader in the field of intelligent LED lighting solutions for indoors and outdoors and digital price signs. Active for more than 25 years and supplying more than a hundred countries worldwide, Bever Innovations is active in the petrol retail sector, in the industry with LED lighting for use in warehouses and cold stores, among other sectors, and in the horticulture martket with lighting solutions for vertical farming of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and plants. But our core business is the fuel retail market. With LED price displays in all sizes and with intelligent LED lighting solutions for canopies, shops and forecourts, it can count all major oil companies among its regular customers. “We understand the wishes and requirements that petrol stations have in terms of LED lighting,” says Jongebreur. “That’s also where everyone knows us from. Developments are moving fast, especially in the technical field. That is Bever Innovations’ strength: we follow the latest developments closely so we can always offer our customers the latest innovative solutions.”

Fieten Olie, with InMo LED Screen
Fieten Olie, with InMo LED Screen

For example, the InMo is a LED screen developed in-house by Bever Innovations. Jongebreur: “The InMo LED screen displays all possible actions, promotions, products and current fuel prices that the filling station wants to communicate to the motorist. Just like the LED price displays, the fuel prices come directly from the fuel POS. The InMo LED screen can be built into both new and existing totems and in my opinion, this is the new eye-catching marketing tool for petrol stations,” says Jongebreur who emphasizes that the petrol industry is changing at a rapid pace. “The supply of fuels that are better for the environment is growing. Who knows what else will be available in fifteen years’ time besides electric charging and hydrogen? If you don’t want to change your totem with price displays too often at your station, a digital price display can be an option. The screen can be adjusted from behind your own PC. A new type of fuel in your range? In the blink of an eye, everyone who fills up at your station will know about it. The digital price display is the ideal product that you can continue to use in the future.”

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