Efficient office design that inspires

New office, brand new interior

The growth over the past few years and the desire to move to a bigger, modern office building prompted the management of Bever Innovations to decide to leave their old premises and design a modern headquarters. Project manager and expert in business furnishing, Weststrate took on the task of designing this new building’s interior.

Modern and contemporary design

As a modern company that sells innovative products, Bever is keen to exude, including through the design of its premises. Hence the project design had to be modern, fresh and contemporary.
Staff cooperates closely at Bever Innovations, so sufficient space for this needed to be factored into the project design. Moreover, our employees’ health is tremendously important to us. It was down to Weststrate to take this into consideration in the brand-new project design.

Way of working

Weststrate teamed up with interior designer Berith Keiser to chart all of Bever Innovations’ wishes. Frequently liaising with Bever and various suppliers enabled swift, transparent scoping of the project.


Upon arrival in the spacious entrance hall and bustling hub, visitors are greeted by two wonderful armchairs. If the armchairs are occupied, visitors are able to wait at the bespoke counter designed by Berith Keiser. Right behind the hall, staff will find the canteen featuring doors that open out onto the garden. The canteen’s design is informal, with a variety of seating options. The modern kitchen and pantry are created by Meesters in Hout, feature deluxe appliances.

Adjustable workplace

All workplaces within the building are the same and satisfy the stringent requirements that employer and employees set when it comes to ‘working’. The height of the ample worktops can be adjusted electrically. Thus enabling staff to choose to work standing or sitting at their desk.

Between the workplaces, beautiful wooden cabinets lend the office space an atmosphere of warmth. The cabinets also make it possible to operate a ‘clean desk’ policy, with staff storing their things in them at the end of the day. For relaxation during the office-breaks, staff can play table football or billiards on the mezzanine.

Recycled bottles

The directors’ offices feature some ‘Feltstoelen’. These are extremely unique chairs because they are made of recycled plastic bottles. One way in which Bever Innovations is doing its bit to clean up the planet.  Just like the workplaces, all smaller meeting rooms feature sit/stand desks with matching stools and presentation facilities. The large boardroom can hold up to 16 people for a meeting.
The unique view of the ‘Zeelandbrug’  bridge combined with the luxurious conference chairs makes a meeting in this space a veritable delight.