Bever Smart Tech – The power of connecting your forecourt

To encompass the complete suite of its products determining luminaire behaviour, Bever Innovations will forthwith rebrand its intelligent communications technology, to the name ‘Bever Smart Tech’, This new brand name will replace the outgoing ‘EOS’ identity, currently used in association with Bever’s intelligent LED lighting solutions.

The new identity of ‘Bever Smart Tech products, will now function across all three of Bever Innovations operating units in the Fuel, Industrial and Horticultural sectors.

Bever Smart Tech technology incorporates a host of unique features, offering: large energy savings, autonomous luminaires behaviour, remote asset management via Bever Dashboard, configure with Bever app, a wireless Plug & Play network, and much more.

LED price displays for your Fuel and EV forecourt
In addition, and specific to Bever’s to Price Change Units, installed in the retail fuel marketplace across the world for over two decades, is the ability to remotely change price information on the LED Price Displays, even without a connection to a POS system. Pump- and EV charger availability can be indicated in a totem, also on remote locations.

Light up your canopy with Bever downlights
With Bever’s fuel forecourt canopy downlights, zan international market leading product in the fuel retailing marketplace, large energy savings are made possible immediately after installation, because of the autonomous luminaire behavior. When the Bever downlight does not detect motion for a certain period, it will dim the light output to a certain level, and level up when motion is detected. The luminaires transmit information to each other 24/7, e.g. making it possible to switch automatically on and off the luminaires, based upon ambient light level at the same time without any connection to the internet. Managing luminaire settings via the Bever app is easily accomplished.

The Bever dashboard
This well-organised dashboard facility allows senior retail executives, operators and maintenance parties to easily view locations with data from their LED fixtures, allowing them to be able to quickly manage and analyze a whole network at the stroke of a button, providing real-time device operating conditions, such as temperature or average energy consumption.

Third-party connections, like companies’ internal maintenance programs can simply be connected. This allows remote management of Bever Smart Tech products- and devices from familiar maintenance systems.

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About bever innovations
Bever Innovations is an innovator in the LED lighting industry. Since our foundation in 1996, we have been developing, manufacturing and supplying intelligent LED (lighting) solutions. Both for indoor and outdoor applications. Our team always knows how to get the most out of LED technology. We are constantly raising the bar through far-reaching performance improvements. This not only results in groundbreaking innovations, but also in improved competitiveness and added value for our customers. Without compromising our social values. The production and assembly of our LED products take place at two social workshops close to our headquarters in Zierikzee, the Netherlands.

Our core values
Bever Innovations operates on the basis of the following core values:

  • Innovation
  • Social commitment and corporate social responsibility
  • Bever Innovations wants to contribute to a sustainable environment
  • Long-term relationships

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