The canopy: the 24/7 calling card for your business

Good lighting makes your petrol station more appealing and invites passing motorists to stop, fill their tanks with fuel and/or buy something from the shop. “A good, professional appearance, and the right choice of lighting, certainly makes a difference if there are several petrol stations in one street”, says Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director BeNeLux at Bever Innovations, Fuel division.

“Whereas conventional lighting is yellow, widely dispersed and offers little light output, Bever Innovations’ LED fixtures can distinguish themselves thanks to their high colour accuracy and uniform light”, he explains. “And because the light is much whiter and brighter than conventional lighting (5,700 Kelvin rather than 3,000 Kelvin), people, cars, pumps and other objects can be seen in daylight conditions at all times. Poorly lit price displays and dark corners are no longer an issue, making customers feel safer and more welcome. During the day, but also in the evening and at night.”

Let us surprise you with a bespoke lighting plan

Would you like to find out what Bever Innovations can do for your petrol station(s)? The Fuel division will be pleased to create a bespoke lighting plan for you. Clear, safe, intelligent and future-proof. “The first step in every lighting plan is to inventory the existing situation”, says Jongebreur. “This not only involves identifying existing lighting and any weaknesses (dark areas), but also means addressing the specific needs and preferences of the station owner. We can also perform a variety of light measurements if necessary.”

Virtual insight into your new petrol station lighting

The forecourt, canopy and all pumps will then be incorporated into a 3D/BIM model and a virtual insight will be offered, so station owners can see the exact effect of the new lighting. “Bever Innovations offers customers a variety of symmetric and asymmetric fixtures with a uniform appearance, which helps to realise aesthetic appeal and effective visibility. We also supply many pole-mounted fixtures in various sizes, which means it is also possible to optimise forecourts”, states Jongebreur. “Our design takes the position of existing lights into account wherever possible, so modifications to infrastructure can be kept to a minimum. In addition, our Click & Lock system enables easy installation.”

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