Leds connect the future - with EOS TECHNOLOGY

By 2020, around 26 billion devices are connected to the Internet worldwide. These include not only computers, smartphones and tablets, but also other devices that can communicate with each other and their users via the Internet or Things.

Thanks to Bever Innovations' EOS Technology network functionality, this option is now also available for LED (lighting) products at petrol stations.  As a result, they can be monitored and managed even better. Watch the animation below↓.

‘EOS Technology presents opportunities in terms of asset management and predictive maintenance’

Rutger van Dierendonck - Technical director Bever Innovations
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Smart, built-in electronics

Almost all of Bever Innovations' LED products are supplied with EOS Technology as standard. These luminaires can be connected to the petrol station plug-and-play. Because EOS Technology is a wireless system, no data cables need to be installed between the various EOS devices.
After installation, the LED luminaires automatically form a secure wireless network. They exchange information 24/7 without the need for a connection to the internet. The network works standalone and is easy to manage by means of an app.

The possibilities with EOS are endless.
Think, for example, of insight into energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but also information about movements, daylight levels and reports from security systems. Based on this information, the systems can be adjusted automatically. As a result, optimum visibility, safety and energy efficiency go hand in hand perfectly. If required, connections to third-party systems are also possible.



Major time savings


24/7 insight



Sensor-sharing enables dynamic lighting control

Because all EOS luminaires are wirelessly connected, they can use each other's sensor information. If, for example, the integrated motion sensor in a particular luminaire detects movement at the filling station, the paired luminaires also switch on automatically and directly to a pre-defined light level.

Thanks to this dynamic lighting, the customer's route is already further illuminated. From entry to and exit from the petrol station, the customer can safely navigate the site and refuel under an optimally lit canopy with optimised energy consumption.

On our Youtube page you can find more information about the EOS Manager app >>


Scalable network

Users of EOS Technology are not bound to a minimum or maximum number of Bever Innovations' LED luminaires. The system is simple, flexible and unlimitedly scalable and adapts fully to your situation and wishes.

Case study

Take a look at a EOS Technology Case Study here, where petrol station Shell de Gouwe switches to LED under canopy lighting with EOS network functionality.
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Shell de Gouwe, Schuddebeurs, The Netherlands

Secure connection

In order to guarantee optimum communication between the LED luminaires, Bever Innovations has developed its own communication protocol. This not only establishes a direct connection between the fixtures and the smartphone and/or tablet, but also makes it possible to bridge long distances.

Because all data from the LED lighting fixtures is encrypted as standard, optimum security is also guaranteed. Unauthorised persons cannot read out the data collected from the lighting fixtures or influence the settings.

Because EOS Technology is a stand-alone protocol, disruptions to the Wi-Fi network and/or other systems are not an issue.