EOS Connected

To enable remote management, administrators and - if desired - the technical department or maintenance party can now log on to Bever Innovations' EOS Connected web portal from any desired location. This web portal makes it easy to access, monitor and manage the EOS devices of all authorised petrol stations. In contrast to the use of the EOS Manager app, EOS Connected does require an internet connection on the petrol station.

Immediate error reports

At most petrol stations it takes several weeks before defective fixtures are reported. As a result, customers suffer from poorly lit filling installations and dark corners, which is experienced as very annoying. Our products with intelligent EOS Technology take up this challenge.

In the unlikely event that a luminaire breaks down, this is immediately made visible in the EOS Connected web portal. In addition, a notification is automatically sent to the manager, technical service and/or maintenance party, after which appropriate action can be taken immediately.

Previous signals are also made visible. For example, the operating temperatures of all critical luminaire components are checked 24/7. If the temperatures exceed a critical limit, this is communicated directly in the web portal. This makes predictable maintenance possible and ensures even better visibility and safety at petrol stations. Not only customers, but also the petrol station managers experience this as very pleasant.

Tailor-made maintenance and management

To enable remote management, the installation of just one EOS Connected Bridge (gateway) with internet connection on each petrol station is sufficient. This EOS Connected Bridge is wirelessly connected to all EOS devices at the petrol station in question. The data from the EOS products can be accessed 24/7 on the EOS Connected platform.

As a result, it is no longer necessary for maintenance and service engineers to visit the physical petrol station locations in order to gain insight into the status of the LED lighting products, the energy consumption, possible malfunctions or the information on the LED price displays. Instead, bespoke maintenance and management becomes possible, saving not only travel and maintenance time, but also service calls.


One web portal - for all your petrol station locations

In the easy-to-use EOS Connected web portal, maintenance parties and oil companies can easily access and manage all their service stations. The location of your petrol station can be selected on an overview map, after which the specific LED lighting, price displays, interior lighting and InMo LED screens can be zoomed in.

Optimal visibility and safety

Thanks to EOS Connected, you also get better insight into how visitors move around the petrol stations premises and in the shop. Based on this, not only the routing, but also (marketing) actions can be adjusted for optimal reach. What's more, the EOS functionalities increase the sense of safety at your petrol station.



In a heatmap you can choose to see the lanes with most PIR detections. These are the busiest lanes on your petrol site.

Integration via API

An API makes it possible to offer data from EOS Connected an access point to your own central maintenance system.
This allows you to remotely manage your EOS devices from the central maintenance system known to you and your company. Installation and use of external software is therefore not necessary, which enhances the ease of use.