Eos Manager APP

EOS Technology makes it possible to control all your EOS devices via 1 app. This keeps it all clear and saves time.

Even light levels and optimum visibility

Thanks to the EOS Manager App, Bever Innovations' LED lighting fixtures can be set up quickly and easily, resulting in a uniform light image and optimum visibility at any location.
This creates a unique lighting image for your filling customers. During the day, but certainly also in the evening and at night.

In addition, petrol station managers can use the EOS Manager App 24/7 to view the status of their (lighting) products, energy consumption and any malfunctions, change the brightness and dimming levels of their luminaires, and (de-)activate daylight and motion sensors.

Sensor-sharing enables dynamic lighting control

Because all EOS luminaires are wirelessly connected, they can also use each other's sensor information. If the integrated motion sensor in a particular luminaire detects movement at the filling station, the paired luminaires also switch automatically to a predetermined light level. Thanks to this dynamic lighting, the customer's route is already further illuminated. From entry to and exit from the filling station, the customer can safely navigate the site and refuel under an optimally lit canopy with optimised energy consumption.

How does the EOS app stand out


Clear floor plan


No additional hardware required


Secure connection