cubiq LED fixture

Bever Innovations continuously develops its products to meet petrol station requirements of today and tomorrow. This has recently led to the introduction of the CubiQ luminaire; a flexible lighting solution that can be easily integrated into Bever Innovations' various housings


The CubiQ luminaire can be used as area lighting, wall washer, canopy downlight and spotlight, in situations where lower lighting levels are sufficient. By using CubiQs at these locations, petrol station owners can make considerable savings on their lighting costs.

Low-voltage lighting system

CubiQ is a low-voltage lighting system. The luminaire operates on only 48 volts and is centrally powered. Several units can be controlled from one driver. This is not only a solution for places that are difficult to reach, but also for locations where temperatures can be high. After all, the driver can be placed elsewhere, which considerably increases the service life of the products.

Installation freedom

Because CubiQ has a separate power supply, the lamp can be installed separately from the power supply. The fixtures can be built in, assembled and/or tilted as required, which results in great installation freedom.

‘Smart lighting’

By analysing the stored data of the luminaires, possibilities for 100% predictable maintenance are created. For example, the data provides insight into current energy consumption.
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Optimal protection, maximum service life

The CubiQ luminaires are easy to adjust from 0 to 9,000 Lumen. Users have a choice of different optics. Just like the LS LED luminaires, the CubiQ luminaires are available with high colour rendering (CRI 83+).

When the temperature of the LEDs on the circuit board exceeds 80˚C, the LIPS automatically switches on; the Luminaire Intelligent Protection System that ensures that the lamp dims back automatically. This ensures that the luminaire is optimally protected, without compromising its service life. Each segment of the circuit board is constantly monitored for voltage peaks, short circuits and temperature overruns.

Additionally, the luminaires are equipped with a Light Normalizer that continuously measures whether or not there is a loss of light, which - if present - is automatically compensated.

Part of a standalone wireless lighting network

The CubiQ fixtures are equipped with EOS Technology as standard. This in-house development by Bever Innovations consists, among other things, of a control board and an antenna, which are cleverly and invisibly built into the lighting fixtures.

After installation, the CubiQ luminaires automatically form a standalone wireless network. They not only pass on information to each other 24/7, but also to the other Bever products on site.

Although the CubiQs do not have their own motion and daylight sensors, thanks to the EOS network they can make use of the measurement data from the other LED products. In addition, it is possible to link separate daylight and motion sensors to the luminaires.