LED Price displays



Led price displays

Do you need innovative and durable led price signs for your petrol station? Then Bever Innovations is there to support your business. We started in 1996 with helping petrol station owners with their price totems. Where at that time price changes were still mostly carried out manually, we were a pioneer in automating the price change units with roller conveyor displays. Soon we started to focus on the development of our own led solution for price signs. This resulted in high-quality led price displays that soon found their way to the major oil companies. Meanwhile, our I-Catcher led price change unit is installed worldwide in various forms, in the most extreme weather conditions and with a reliability which is proven time and time again.

Led price signs which ensure reliability and optimal visibility

The easy-to-install led price signs have proven their reliability all over the world. Due to the excellent design, these displays are suitable for tropical to even arctic conditions. A long-service life and low-maintenance level are self-evident. Only the best and most reliable leds are used to guarantee quality of a led price change unit, led screen and other led applications. Bever Innovations' unique led design and production techniques are the result of many years of field experience with the world's largest oil companies, such as Shell, BP, Q8, Exxon Mobile, and Total.

The leds we use have a wide beam angle, so that the led price signs are easy to read from any viewing point and under any circumstances. In this way, the light intensity of a led price change unit is also dynamically adjusted in bright sunlight or darkness.

Easy installation

I-Catcher led price displays are very easy to install. The whole system is plug-and-play designed and you can choose between manual (by remote control) and automatic price change. The led price signs are easy to install in both new build and retrofit situations, and give each price totem the perfect look.

The right display for every corporate identity

Different sizes, fonts (multi-segment, full-graphic and 7-segment fonts) and colours (white, red, green, blue and yellow) are available to ensure that the price indication on your led price change unit perfectly matches your corporate identity. In this way, the led price signs give every price panel the perfect finishing touch.


The I-Catcher 7-segment LED price display is an excellent LED display for a competitive price. The display is equipped with intelligent light control and protection options, which makes this display unique in its class.


This high performance product gives you even more freedom in creating a LED display that perfectly matches your corporate identity. Produced with the highest possible quality LED, this price display offers the best readability in full sunlight. This is a perfect finishing touch for your price panel.


Do you want maximum flexibility when it comes to a LED display in your corporate identity. With a Full Graphic display you can vary in colour, font and size. This intelligent LED display surpasses all others in the market.

Maximum readability

By using hybrid leds with an oval viewing angle, the I-Catcher led price displays are easy to read, even at large angles. In addition, the displays automatically adjust to the amount of ambient light, ensuring optimum readability in all weather conditions. Even in bright sunlight or fog. Of course, the light intensity can be adjusted according to your preferences. In this way, you can make the prices stand out even more or dim them a little further to prevent light pollution.
Brightness Control LEDS explained

High reliability

Our led price signs have proven their reliability for many years, all over the world. Thanks to the use of various techniques and protective equipment, the displays can cope with even the most extreme conditions. Smart moisture and temperature protection make the displays suitable for tropical to even arctic conditions. A long lifespan of over ten years and a low-maintenance level are self-evident, like all of our petrol station lighting applications. To guarantee this high quality, only the best and most reliable leds from top brands are used. Do you want to receive more information from our specialised team? Call us at +31(0)111 74 54 00 or send an email to