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InMo led screen for your petrol station

The InMo (In Motion) led screen is a dynamic screen that can easily be built into the price panel of your petrol station with modular parts. There, the screen functions as a price display, information column and marketing tool in one. On the led screen, not only fuel prices of your gas station, but also discounts and marketing campaigns can easily be highlighted. Both in text and in images. Professional, eye-catching and dynamic, with an appropriate message for every moment. Thanks to a Point of Sale (POS)-link and a price projection on top of the screenshot, the most current prices are always displayed.

The benefits of the InMo led screen for your petrol station

The InMo led screen has been specially developed for use in a price totem at a gas station. Thanks to its modular construction, the size of the screen can easily be adapted to the available space. In addition, the InMo led screen is available in different pitch sizes, so that the right resolution and brightness can be offered in every situation. Combined with a very large and detailed colour range (High Dynamic Range: 48 bit colours over a full dimming range), the InMo led screen is an eye-catcher at any petrol station. You benefit from:
  • The right fuel price on the led screen at your gas station at all times
  • Remote management of the led screen
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Easy assembly

The InMo LED screen stands out because of the plug-and-play installation. The modular system is made up of elongated lines in various widths and heights that can easily be stacked horizontally or vertically on the base frame of the price panel. As a result, the development/integration of a separate frame is no longer an issue.
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Specially developed for outdoor use

The high quality LEDs in the LED screen have been specially developed for outdoor applications and are therefore resistant to all kinds of weather influences.
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Future-proof technology

Thanks to their excellent design, the easy to install LED displays are also very suitable for tropical to even arctic conditions.
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