led screen



Always the right fuel price

Thanks to a link with the POS system, the current fuel prices are automatically shared on the LED screen without any worry. A converter ensures the correct translation of the POS system ‘language’ to the communication protocol of the InMo LED screen, after which the information is automatically sent to the screen via a local wireless (RF) connection. Here the price information is projected on top of the price sign image.

Remote management

The InMo LED screen is remotely accessible via Bever Innovations' EOS Connected platform. All information is available online, which also makes remote asset management possible. For saftey reason the fuel prices are not available outside the petrol station.

Authorised users can easily create or change online playlists per day/time. For example, in the morning, coffee, tea and fresh croissants can be promoted at the petrol station, while in the afternoon and evening, sandwiches and soft drinks can be highlighted. If desired, these actions and the current fuel prices can be alternated with discounts and promotions of savings actions.

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Easy assembly

The InMo LED screen stands out because of the plug-and-play installation. The modular system is made up of elongated lines in various widths and heights that can easily be stacked horizontally or vertically on the base frame of the price panel.
Thanks to the puzzle concept, the individual LED tiles are perfectly aligned. The development/integration of a separate frame is therefore no longer an issue.

Specially developed for outdoor use

The high quality LEDs in the InMo LED screen have been specially developed for outdoor applications and are therefore optimally resistant to rain, wind, hail, UV radiation, very low and high temperatures and other weather influences. The black appearance of the LEDs, in combination with the high light output, ensures very high contrast and guaranteed readability in all weather conditions.

Future-proof technology

Thanks to Bever Innovations’ wireless, integrated EOS Technology, the InMo LED screen can easily be integrated into the EOS network, within which all our LED products can communicate wirelessly. This technology not only ensures optimum coordination between all LED (lighting) products, but also has a monitoring function. In addition, EOS Technology assists with asset management and predictable maintenance.

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