Het voorterrein is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van uw benzinestation; het biedt een visueel gastvrije, veilige en uitnodigende omgeving voor uw klanten. Zonder concessies te doen op het gebied van zichtbaarheid, is er met luifelverlichting ook een manier om tegelijkertijd energiekosten te besparen. Automatisch en vloeiend wisselen van lichtintensiteit wanneer dit mogelijk is, is de belangrijkste functie in deze energiebesparingsoplossing.

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LUCI Series

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Led under canopy lighting

Do you require led under canopy lighting for your petrol station? Then Bever Innovations is happy to provide the canopy of your gas station with smart and innovative led lights. The forecourt is a very important part of your petrol station; when well-lit by led downlights, it provides a visually welcoming, safe and inviting environment for your customers. Without compromising on visibility, canopy lights for your gas station also save energy costs at the same time. Automatically and smoothly changing light intensity when possible is the most important function in this energy-saving solution.


LED downlights have a long service life, whether they are used for a petrol station or for another environment. And because the light is much brighter than conventional lighting, people and objects can always be seen in daylight. Poorly lit pumps and dark corners are a thing of the past, making customers feel safer and more welcome. Even in the early morning, evening and night hours. Some benefits of our led downlights for a gas station are:

    • Long service life, minimum energy consumption
    • No light pollution
    • Intelligent dimming
    • Easy to install
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Unique features

Our led under canopy luminaires have optics that ensure that their light output is wide and uniform. As a result, the pumps and columns are well lit, making them visible from afar. Even light distribution contributes to an optimal visitor experience because the feeling of safety is increased. After all, there are no more poorly lit spots at your petrol station.
    • Straightforward management of led canopy lights for your gas station with the Bever app
    • Specifically developed led downlights for every petrol station
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Future-proof LED downlights

Thanks to our in-house developed EOS Technology, our luminaires are wirelessly connected to each other. They can also be connected to the internet, and other devices, which enables remote management of the led canopy lights for your gas station.
    • Wireless, integrated EOS network technology
    • Data analysis
    • Smart lighting - a wireless lighting network
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Are you interested in our led downlights for your gas station? Please contact us and we can tell you about all the possibilities. Contact us at +31(0)111 74 54 00 or send an email to info@beverinnovations.com.

Developed for petrol stations

In the development of the lamp we not only took into account the challenges at manned and unmanned service stations, but also the wishes of filling customers. The excellent light output, intelligent dimming options and easy installation are excellent examples of this.
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Easy to manage

Using an app, the light levels, dimming levels and circuits of our LED canopy luminaires can be easily set and managed at any time.
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Future-proof downlights

Our EOS Technology not only enables predictable maintenance, but also ensures visibility and safety at fuel stations at all times.
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RGB LED-verlichting

Wilt u de lichtkleuren en sfeer in uw luifel of ruimtes flexibel kunnen aanpassen? Ervaar onze Luci RGB met alle voordelen van de standaard Luci, zoals:

    • een lange levensduur
    • laag stroomverbruik
    • minimale warmteafgifte
    • optimale bestendigheid tegen schokken, trillingen, stof en vocht
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