Long service life, minimum energy consumption

With >100,000 hours of operating time, our canopy downlights last considerably longer than conventional lighting solutions. In addition, we give our customers a no-nonsense guarantee and to top that, with our luminaires, considerable energy savings can be achieved. For good reason, many Shell, Total, Q8 and BP petrol stations around the world are already equipped with our LED canopy lighting.

No light pollution

Where conventional luminaires produce a lot of scattered light, our LED luminaires shine very precisely where you want them. In this way, light pollution and light waste can be kept to a minimum. The use of special lenses creates a beacon of light in the dark. Intelligent dimming options and integrated daylight and motion sensors also ensure that there is never more light than necessary.

Intelligent dimming

Where conventional lighting is on for 12 hours a day, our LED Downlights automatically dims up to 1/3 of its power in the absence of customers. Despite this, the lighting experience is still guaranteed. This option is particularly useful between 00.00 and 06.00 when there is minimal activity at the petrol station. As soon as movement is detected, the luminaires switch on automatically and without being noticed, up to a predetermined light level. So that even after sunset, refuelling can be done safely and comfortably with minimal energy consumption.


When the temperature of the LEDs on the PCB exceeds 80˚C, the 'LIPS' automatically switches on; the Luminaire Intelligent Protection System that ensures that the luminaire dims back automatically.

This ensures that the fixture is optimally protected, without compromising its service life. In addition, each segment of the circuit board is constantly monitored for voltage peaks, short circuits and temperature overruns. In addition, the luminaires are equipped with a Light Normalizer that continuously measures whether or not there is a light relapse, which - if present - is automatically compensated.


Switching from conventional lighting to LED quickly results in energy savings of 60-70%. With our LED under canopy lighting, these savings - thanks to intelligent dimming possibilities, daylight and motion sensors - can even reach 80-90%. In addition, considerable savings can be made on maintenance costs. As the luminaires do not contain any environmentally harmful chemicals such as mercury, the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

easy installation

In order to avoid modifications to the infrastructure of the canopy, we take the existing light points into account as much as possible in our design. Because the downlights can be used in both surface-mounted and built-in situations, optimal installation convenience is also guaranteed. The luminaires are easy to install by one person. Because all sensors are already integrated into the fixture, connecting the power cable is all that is needed. A long connecting cable ensures an optimal installation space.