future proof LED fixtures

Wireless, integrated
EOS network technology

Thanks to the wireless, integrated EOS Technology, the LED canopy luminaires can be easily integrated into the EOS network, which enables all our LED products to communicate wirelessly. The EOS Technology ensures optimum synchronisation and communication between all LED lighting fixtures available at the petrol station.

Data analysis

Data collected by various sensors in the fixtures can be used, for example, to provide insight in- and to optimise driving routes and maintenance intervals. In addition, the data analysis offers opportunities for 'network completeness' and 100% predictable maintenance. The data provides an overview of current energy consumption and petrol site managers can easily see how much energy savings have been achieved with the switch to LED under canopy illumination.

'Smart lighting' - wireless illumination network

In the unlikely event that a luminaire breaks down, this is immediately detected in the EOS network. In addition, managers and - if required - the technical service or maintenance party automatically receive a notification, so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. In this way we guarantee a fully functioning wireless network of LED products.

Other statistics can also be logged, such as the operating temperature of the critical components and the 'up-time' (time in dimmed mode). In other words, our EOS Technology not only enables predictable maintenance, but also ensures the best visibility and safety at petrol stations at all times.