lS Downlight



the LS LED Fixture

The LS LED dowlight is the most smart and energy efficient way to illuminate your petrol station. The bright light provides a visually inviting and safe environment for your customers. Compared to metal halide lamps, you can save up to 90% on your energy costs with the LS. Thanks to the integrated EOS Technology, it is possible to set each LS individually to the desired light intensity with the EOS Manager app, or easily connect it to other LED products in the network. This flexibility makes the LS unique, and enables asset management.

Long lifespan, minimum energy consumption

With >100,000 hours of operation, LS LED downlights last considerably longer than conventional lighting solutions.
In addition, we provide our customers with a no-nonsense guarantee and our luminaires can achieve significant energy savings.

It is no coincidence that numerous Shell, Total, Q8 and BP petrol stations around the world are already equipped with our LED Under Canopy Illumination fixtures.

Intelligent dimming

Where conventional lighting is on for 12 hours a day, our LED awning lighting automatically dims down to 1/3 of its power in the absence of customers. However, the lighting experience is still guaranteed.

An option that is particularly useful between 00.00 and 06.00 when there is minimal activity at the petrol station. As soon as movement is detected, the luminaires switch on automatically and unnoticed up to a predetermined light level. So that even after sunset, refuelling can be carried out safely and comfortably with minimal energy consumption.

easy installation

In order to avoid adjustments to the infrastructure of your petrol station, we take the existing light points into account as much as possible in our design. Furthermore, because the luminaires can be used in both surface-mounted and built-in situations, optimum ease of installation is guaranteed.

The LS are easy to install by one person. Because all sensors are already integrated in the lamp, connecting the power cable is sufficient. A long connecting cable ensures an optimal installation space.

‘Smart lighting' - wireless lighting network'

In the unlikely event that a LS luminaire breaks down, this is immediately detected in the EOS network. In addition, managers and - if required - the technical service or maintenance party automatically receive a notification, so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. In this way we guarantee a fully functioning wireless network of LED products.

Other statistics can also be logged, such as the operating temperature of the critical components and the 'up-time' time in dimmed mode. In other words, our EOS Technology not only enables predictable maintenance, but also ensures visibility and safety at petrol stations at all times.


  • Flexible luminaire
  • Select the number of LED’s and optic for an ideal lighting solution
  • Easy Installation: Click & Lock surface mounting plate
  • Intelligent output control using integrated Motion and
    Daylight sensor
  • Self-controlled operating conditions:
    • Luminaire Intelligent Protection System (LIPS).
    • Active Overheat Protection (AOP).
    • Light Normalizer – No Lumen drop during lifetime
  • Integrated EOS technology:
    • Plug-and-play self-organizing wireless network
    • Encrypted communication
    • Advised maximum spacing for network: 25 meter
  • Intuitive control and analysis with the EOS Manager app:
    • User authentication and data encryption.
    • Visual representation of your network.
    • Extensive configuration, information, and usage statistics.
    • Share sensor information between EOS devices
  • Protected against dust and water intrusions IP 67