Fuel for Planet, Bourgoin Jallieu, FR

Fuel For Planet opened its first petrol service station in France. Through its service stations, Fuel For Planet distributes fuel that compensates for the CO2 emissions emitted by vehicles. By including the amount of carbon compensation, i.e. 2 cents per litre, in the price of the fuel, each motorist can take his or her car on a daily basis and still be carbon neutral.

Bever Innovations has supplied the LED price displays and the CO2 reduction counter (5 digits display). Both PCU systems are connected to a Tokheim POS with LON. 3C stands for  “Carburants Carbone Compensé “ = Fuel with Carbon Offset.

– Bourgoin Jallieu ( Alpes Region)

Product specifications :
– Dual displays in 1 totem: fuel prices and CO2 offset (5 digits)

Why did the client choose Bever Innovations’ LED products:

  • Fast response to the technical challenge caused by the CO2 offset display ( 5 digits, connexion to POS, CO2 data managed independently from pricing data)
  • Quick turn around by R&D
  • Short supply lead times
  • Ease of implementation in the totem
  • Bright green LD displays