Evo Energy’s HyperHub fitted with Bever Innovations’ LED Price Displays

Evo Energy the UK’s leading renewable energy company, has partnered with the City of York Council to open two HyperHubs which aim to showcase best practice for the design of EV charging facilities in cities.

Hyperhub charging station

The Monks Cross HyperHub, located next to one of York’s Park and Ride sites, is one of the largest EV charging hubs in Northern England.

The creation of the HyperHubs was a first for both the City Council and their partners Evo Energy and so partnering with a business with a background in fuel retail was hugely beneficial.

“Bever Innovation’s experience with petrol stations and LED price signs was invaluable. The HyperHubs are a very new concept, so having someone experienced in this public facing element of the business who could install robust, reliable equipment that works was really important to us,” explained Jonathan Roper, Principal Renewable Energy Consultant at Evo Energy.

Bever Innovations’ unique LED design and production techniques are the result of many years of field experience with the world’s largest oil companies, including Shell, BP, Q8, Exxon Mobile, and Total.

Remote access

A key requirement for the project was to be able to make price changes across all sites remotely. York City Council have standardised pricing across their network so any price changes need to be rolled out across all sites. This task is made simple with Bever’s EOS Technology.

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