Product in the spotlight: FOCUS customer information system

Keen to improve customer flow and customer satisfaction at your fuel stations without sacrificing brand recognisability and making modifications to your existing infrastructure? Then choose Bever Innovations’ intelligent Focus customer information system, which makes it easy to see which pumps and fuel types are available at any given time. Thus keeping waiting times at the pump to a minimum and enabling customers to refuel quickly, safely and stress-free.

The key benefits of the Focus customer information system:
The Focus customer information system was developed to make managing customer flows even more efficient. The system comprises a software solution that guarantees optimum, real-time communication between your Point of Sale (POS) system and the LED information displays over the fuel pumps. Thus giving your customers immediate insight into current availability at your fuel station.

Bespoke customer information system

Multiple set-ups are possible for the Focus customer information system. For instance, you could choose to inform customers of the ‘progress’ of people already refuelling at the pump. This information will help new customers to select the pump that will become available first, thereby keeping waiting times to a minimum. Focus can also be used to indicate in real-time which fuels are available at which pump and/or which pumps are available at all. Combined with the link to the POS system, the remote control options make it possible to also shut off pumps remotely or in automated fashion in the event of problems occurring. At unmanned fuel stations, this will save staff having to come out to check on a fuel station.

Distinguishing features of the Focus customer information system:

Increased safety

Being able to see which pump will become available first means customers will almost certainly put themselves in the right queue. This will stop people from switching to another queue, which not only leads to customer frustration but can also result in dangerous situations. Hence in addition to improving customer flow, Focus will also make your fuel station safer as well as more organised.

Straightforward (remote) management

Thanks to a link to Bever Innovations’ EOS technology, the Focus customer information system is easy to set, monitor and manage. On-site and remotely. It goes without saying that Focus can also be linked to other EOS products from Bever Innovations. Making it possible to dim or switch off the lighting at pumps that are shut or experiencing problems. This will not only encourage customers to select the right pump but also enable you to make considerable savings on your energy costs.

Smart lighting scenarios can also be created if you so choose, with these being linked to the status of the process that the customer is progressing through. Thereby optimising harmony between savings on energy and customer experience, without making sacrifices in terms of safety.

Dowload the FOCUS brochure here.