Bever Innovations empower petrol stations for an electric future

Integrate EV pricing and charger availability into your monolith sign, a cost-effective, fast and easy solution.

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As the world moves towards a greener future, the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations into petrol stations is becoming increasingly common. However, displaying accurate EV price information alongside traditional petrol prices poses significant challenges, especially when a local POS system is already in place. To address these obstacles, Bever Innovations proudly presents its latest breakthrough – the IC-Smart – a fast, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solution.

The IC-Smart: Seamlessly integrating POS and EV protocol information
The IC-Smart is a cutting-edge interface converter that bridges the gap between petrol station POS data and online EV protocol standards. With minimal investment, petrol station owners can now effortlessly display EV kWh price information on their existing or new LED price signs, ensuring that customers have access to transparent and up-to-date pricing for both traditional fuel and electric charging.

Key features of the IC-Smart include:

  • Integration of POS and EV protocol data streams: The IC-Smart unifies the diverse data streams, ensuring accurate pricing information is shown on the LED Price Displays in the price sign.
  • Real-time charger availability: The IC-Smart enables the display of currently available charging spaces, providing convenience to EV drivers.
Integration POS and EV protocol datastreams into price sign.

Bever Dashboard: Empowering remote management

The Bever Dashboard is a cloud-based online system that revolutionizes how owners and maintenance parties manage their petrol stations equipped with Bever Innovations’ products integrated with Bever Smart Technology. In addition to integrating EV price information and charger availability from EV standard protocols, the Bever Dashboard offers a host of other benefits:

  • Centralized management: Easily view and manage multiple locations with installed Bever products from one user-friendly dashboard.
  • Manual price adjustment: Remote and manual adjustment of fuel and EV prices, even without a connection to a POS system. View an example here.
  • Dynamic content programming: Effortlessly customize and program pricing and marketing information on LED Screens, enhancing customer engagement.  View an example here.
Shell Recharge shows EV charger availability

Back-office system integration:
The connection with a customer’s back-office system can be established upon the customer’s request, enhancing asset management and simplifying operations. The API software interface enables efficient data exchange, eliminating the need to check multiple maintenance systems. Now, all information is centrally logged in the client’s familiar system, making Bever products remotely manageable.
View an example here.

KarrGreen Moréac France, displays price information from a local POS and online back-office system in one price sign.

Multiple integration possibilities to suit every need:
To cater to the unique requirements and budgets of our valued customers, Bever Innovations offers various EV integration possibilities:

  1. Convert existing Bever LED Price Displays:
    Easily transform existing Bever LED Price Displays into EV price displays by only adding the IC-Smart.
  2. Add a new EV LED display to monoliths:
    Expand your existing monolith with a new LED display and IC-Smart to prominently showcase EV prices.
  3. Display charging space availability:
    Use a dedicated LED display to inform customers about the number of charging spaces available.
  4. Dynamic promotional LED Screen:
    Enhance customer experience and promote your offerings using a versatile LED Screen that combines EV price information, charging space availability and dynamic promotions.

>> Take a look at all the possibilities here.

Rutger van Dierendonck, Technical Director at Bever Innovations, states:
“With our EV integration solution, we are making it simple and cost-efficient for petrol station owners to embrace the EV revolution while providing customers with transparent and accurate pricing information. Also, asset management is made much easier for oil companies, and we are committed to a sustainable future by seamlessly integrating EV pricing and charger availability. Bever Innovations is ready to transform your station and lead the way into an electric future.”

More Information
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