Meet Jean-Michel Ludot: Sales Director France

“After spending 30 years working on the oil company side of the fuel retail industry the transition to working for a supplier was actually quite easy. I knew the product, I knew the industry, I knew the people and I had the support and training from Bever Innovations to help me succeed.”

I am a chemist by training and my first role in the oil industry was in 1984 with lubricants company Castrol.
At Castrol I held a number of roles from Development Chemist through to Purchasing Manager. Castrol became part of the BP group in 2001 where I initially remained in the lubricants section as a Supply Chain Manager. I remained with BP until 2016 and after three years in lubricants, I took on the role of European Commodity Manager. Within an oil company, retail is viewed as an attractive part of the business as there is a lot of interaction with people’s day-to-day lives. It is also quite a technical sector, which has always been of real interest to me.

At Bever Innovations

Bever Innovations has a suite of very sophisticated products. There is a lot of potential with our products; they have a broad spectrum of applications and can solve a lot of issues for retailers.

Like most European markets, France is a very mature market and the supermarkets have a large presence in the fuel retail sector. Bever Innovations is a very flexible and agile company and so we are able to quickly and effectively respond to the unique needs of our customers in the region. The company is not huge so as an employee you feel very involved. The speed of getting products to market is incredible and questions to the leadership team are met with quick responses.

Bever’s entire product range is very well received in the region and we are looking forward to introducing new product lines such as the InMo LED screens and EOS technology to the market, very soon.

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