led contour illumination



The advantages of our LED contour lighting

Robust profiles and LEDs in any desired (corporate image) colour

Bever Innovations' LED Contour Illumination consists of a robust, hard and recyclable PMMA composite extrusion. The maximum length of the tube is 2.4 m. Adjustable lengths of 2.4 m and 1.2 m are also available, which can easily be shortened per 55 mm section.

The LED tubes are standard available in red, orange, yellow, amber, white, green or blue, but other colours are available on request. By combining white tubes with coloured LEDs, pastel colours can also be created.

Large profile, maximum visibility

Thanks to LED Contour Lighting, not only in the evening and at night, but also during the day (in off-mode) your canopy, shop, electric charging stations, wash boxes and/or price displays are beautifully and correctly accentuated. A large profile with a diameter of 30 mm guarantees maximum visibility.

Uninterrupted light line

When several tubes are connected, only 10 mm spacing is required to accommodate the coefficient of expansion of the facade and LED tubes. However, because both the tubes and end caps are translucent, the tubes look like one connecting unit. High quality LEDs with a wide beam angle prevent spot formation in the acrylic tubes.

Simple installation

Thanks to the use of special plug & play plugs and mounting clips, the LED Contour Lighting is very easy to mount and connect by one person. Lengths up to 48 metres can also be connected to a single power supply, minimising the number of power points required.