Distinguished features of the LED Price Diplays:
How do we ensure that the Bever Innovations' LED price displays rise above the rest of the providers, and remain a favorite with major oil companies for more than 20 years:


The LED I-Catcher price displays can easily be connected to almost all Point of Sale (POS) systems. As a result, the current fuel prices are always displayed on the LED displays, without the need for human intervention. If necessary, a converter ensures a correct translation of the 'language' of the POS system to the communication protocol of the LED I-Catcher price displays. This information is then sent to the displays via a network cable or a wireless connection.

Explanation in diagram (video included):

Manual operation

With the I-Control the digits can be adjusted. The I-Control can be used in a wireless as well as a wired system.


We believe in the power of connection. That is why our LED products can be connected wirelessly using Bever Smart Technology. Within the petrol retail market, there are important issues regarding safety, energy savings, and maintenance at petrol stations. With our LED price displays connected with Smart Tech, we have a unique answer to provide the most sustainable solution for your connected forecourt.

We offer:

  • High-end LED price displays, exceptionally suited for your petrol and EV station.
  • The LED price display can easily be connected to the Bever Smart Dashboard, which enables the possibility of changing prices remotely.
  • Asset management is made possible via the Bever Dashboard. It gives you feedback at a glance.
Benefits of Bever Smart Tech in our LED Price Displays:

1. Remote price changes - even without a POS system

At unmanned petrol stations and EV hubs, the absence of a traditional point-of-sale (POS) system with fuel prices can be a challenge when prices need to be adjusted. Unlike fuel, the price of electricity also does not change every day.

  • Bever Innovations has developed a system where the customer can go online to the Bever Dashboard platform to update the prices of the linked petrol station remotely.
  • These updated prices are sent directly to the site. The prices are then displayed immediately in the totem with LED Price Displays.


Rutger van Dierendonck, technical director at Bever Innovations:

"Changing prices via Bever Dashboard is applied at EVO Energy's HyperHubs (York, GB). For these Hyperhub projects, the ability to remotely implement price changes across all sites was a very important requirement. The petrol sites connected to the Bever Dashboard meet these requirements as well as offering operators a very simple way to prepare their sites for the future."

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2. Flexible price adjustment at multi-fuel sites - now and in the future

As the popularity of electric vehicles and EV hubs grows, the modern gas station is likely to offer a wide variety of fuel types in one location. Site operators are increasingly looking for flexible pricing solutions that can meet their changing needs.

  • With Bever Smart Technology, you are prepared for the future, and price adjustments at a (remote) multi-fuel site are especially made easy.

Fuel For Planet, Multi-Fuel petrol site:

"We installed totems in France where we already prepared a LED Price Display for in case the site owner is going to install hydrogen. So this is where you find electricity, possibly hydrogen, and two types of natural gas."

"Four different products on one petrol site and associated price changes are easily and remotely manageable through the Bever Dashboard," said Jean-Michel Ludot, Sales Manager at Bever Innovations.

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3. Pump / EV-charger availability

It is possible to indicate the availability of pumps / EV chargers through various Bever Innovations products.
The InMo LED Screen, for example, can be accessed remotely via the Bever Dashboard. All product information is available online, which enables remote management. Authorized users can easily create and/or modify online playlists per day/time. It is also possible to show the availability of your pumps, and/or EV chargers on the LED Screen.


  • In the morning hours, coffee, tea, and fresh croissants are advertised at the petrol station, while in the afternoon, sandwiches and energy drinks are highlighted.
  • If desired, these promotions and current fuel prices can be interchanged with discounts, promotions, and pump / EV availability.

Shell Recharge, EV-station:

Erwin Dingemanse, commercial director at Bever Innovations:

"The LED Screen at this EV station (Fulham, London) allows Shell to communicate clearly with their customers; showcasing the number of EV chargers available and also their daily promotions to drive traffic to the store."

"The system is automatically updated to indicate the number of available EV chargers, a very important requirement for Shell. The Bever Dashboard is very flexible and can be used in the future to show waiting times or EV prices, anything is possible. We like to work closely with our customers to realize their wishes"

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The Bever Dashboard is an intuitive web-based system that makes Bever Innovations' Smart devices and products manageable online and provides real-time information to the customer.

With this online dashboard system, you will have an overview of all your locations with Smart devices. You can monitor, alter- and/or plan pricing information on LED price displays that are wirelessly connected to the dashboard using a Bever Smart Internet bridge. In addition, you have a better understanding of device operating conditions. This makes remote management easy and accessible.

Change your pricing information in the Bever Smart Dashboard
The online Bever Dashboard allows you to efficiently execute or program price changes on your LED price displays. Even when they are not connected to a POS system, the use of a Smart Internet bridge is all that is needed.


One web portal for all your locations.
In the well-organized Bever Dashboard, owners and maintenance parties can easily view all their locations. You can easily update prices across all your connected sites, directly or planned for a later roll out. Data from the installed LED price displays is organized here and forms a valuable source of information that allows you to analyze and manage your location.

Integrating through API:
An API software interface makes it possible to exchange the collected data with your own maintenance system. This allows you to remotely manage your Smart devices in the system you are familiar with.

Rutger van Dierendonck, technical director at Bever Innovations:

'For a number of oil companies, we have used an API integration to make a direct connection into the internal maintenance program of the respective company.
This facilitates asset management; it is no longer necessary to check various maintenance systems to keep track of the status of products. All information is now registered centrally, in the oil company's own system.'


Active overheat protection

In the LED price displays, a color-coated aluminum plate protects the electronics and LEDs from direct sunlight:

  • It saves more than 10% in heat development on electronics and offers aesthetic advantages.
  • It ensures optimal contrast.

All LED price displays have an intelligent AOP (Active Overheat Protection) protection system:

  • The moment the temperature of the LEDs rises too high, the fans in the display automatically switch on.
  • Should this cooling not be sufficient under extreme conditions, the LEDs automatically dim down, providing maximum protection of the electronics against overheating.
  • This combination ensures a guaranteed, long service life.

climate control

If the temperature of the LED is too high, the fans in the display automatically switch on.

Intelligent dimming

When the LED display is in danger of overheating, the LEDs receive slightly less energy and dim back.
When the temperature returns to an acceptable level, the energy switches back to normal.

how does AOP works (aop = Active Overheat protection)

Secure, stand-alone wireless network

All data from the LED price displays is sent encrypted as standard, therefor maximum security is guaranteed. Unauthorized parties cannot read the data collected from the displays or influence settings.

Because our Bever Smart Technology involves a stand-alone protocol, disruptions to the Wi-Fi network and/or other systems are highly unlikely




Bever Innovations offers a solution for integrating EV standards, even at petrol stations with a local POS system.

  • Display correct fuel and EV prices on new and or existing LED Price Displays.
  • Show the number of charging spaces available in a display.
  • Manage your products online in the Bever Dashboard, adjust prices centrally and gain insight into operating conditions.
  • Through integration with a back-office system, all information can be logged centrally, in the oil company's own system.
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Future-proof, hybrid LED technology

Bever Innovations LED price displays are built with hybrid technology. This LED technology involves a combination of two proven LED technologies (HMT and SMD) and is an innovative solution with regard to reliability, energy efficiency, and readability. The LED displays combine the advantages of an automatic and perpendicular placement (SMD) and a 'through hole' technology (HMT), resulting in an efficient, wide viewing angle and better readability in bright sunlight.


The LED price displays are very easy to install at any petrol station in both new-build and retrofit situations.

  • The entire display system is designed plug-and-play.
  • There is a choice between manual, automatic or remote change of fuel prices.

The right display for every corporate identity

Different sizes, fonts (multi-segment, full-graphic and 7-segment fonts) and colours (white, red, green, blue and yellow) are available to ensure that the price indication on your led price change unit perfectly matches your corporate identity. In this way, the led price signs give every price panel the perfect finishing touch.


The 7-segment LED price display is an excellent LED display for a competitive price. The display is equipped with intelligent light control and protection options, which makes this display unique in its class.


This high performance product gives you even more freedom in creating a LED display that perfectly matches your corporate identity. Produced with the highest possible quality LED, this price display offers the best readability in full sunlight. This is a perfect finishing touch for your price panel.


Do you want maximum flexibility when it comes to a LED display in your corporate identity. With a Full Graphic display you can vary in colour, font and size. This intelligent LED display surpasses all others in the market.

Maximum readability

  • By using hybrid LEDs with an oval viewing angle, the Bever LED price displays are perfectly legible at your petrol station, even at a wide angle.
  • The displays also adjust themselves automatically to the amount of ambient light, ensuring optimum legibility in all weather conditions. Even in bright sunlight or fog.
  • Of course, the light intensity can be adjusted to your wishes. This allows you to make the prices stand out even more, or to dim them back a little to avoid light pollution.
Brightness Control LEDS explained

Social, sustainable and local production

The production of the LED I-Catcher price displays takes place at two social workshops in Zeeland, the Netherland. Here we offer a stimulating environment and more employment for people a little further from the labour market. Because of the complete production in our own country, we keep maximum control over the origin of the products, the production process and we can guarantee short delivery times and absolute quality.
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