A bespoke lighting plan: clear, safe, intelligent and future-proof

No two fuel stations are the same. It’s not just the location, size and technical options that vary, but also the wishes and budgets of fuel station owners. Bever Innovations is well aware of this. The Fuel division draws up a bespoke lighting plan for each and every fuel station. Clear, safe, intelligent and future-proof.


‘Every lighting plan begins with making inventory of fuel station owners’ wishes and requirements’, explains Hugo Jongebreur, Commercial Director Benelux at Bever Innovations, Fuel division. ‘Whereas major players like Shell, Q8, BP, Total and Tamoil have formulated standard requirements for light output/number of lux at the pump nozzles, the ground and along the edge of the canopy, smaller fuel station owners are often less familiar with these. We happily assist them with our knowledge and many years of experience in the industry, ensuring we produce the best result for their fuel station(s).’

Virtual insight

‘Based on the architectural drawings of the fuel station, we create a 3D model encompassing all LED lighting fixtures’, says Jongebreur. ‘Including the desired light output. In order to prevent modifications to the infrastructure, we take full account of the existing luminaries in our design. We use a simulation to make the lighting plan virtually transparent for the fuel station owner. If need be, we will implement optimizations, after which we will issue the definitive design and the quote.’ Upon approval, Bever Innovations generates a bill of materials from the 3D model, on the basis of which the requisite luminaries and related products are ordered. ‘The fact that the production and assembly of our LED luminaries is done in the Netherlands enables us to guarantee a delivery time of 2 to a maximum of 3 weeks.’

In excess of 1,000 fuel stations have already made the switch…

Fuel stations that have their own technical service can replace their conventional lighting themselves. ‘What’s more, fuel station owners wishing to do so can consult Bever Innovations’ own installation engineers’, says Jongebreur. ‘Our support department and product managers provide maximum support for technical queries and challenges. Anyone who would prefer to first experience our LED lighting in practice can see it in action at in excess of 1,000 fuel stations in the Netherlands that have already made the switch.’

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