Meet Marcel Kieboom, Operations Manager at Bever Innovations

Back on the old nest.”

Operations Manager

From lighting design and purchasing to production planning, work preparation and the shipment of goods. To ensure that all LED projects run smoothly, Bever Innovations has three specialized teams of employees: (1) Sales & Technical Support, (2) Planning & Production and (3) Logistics, all of which have their own team leader. As Operations Manager, it is my responsibility to monitor, protect and promote cooperation between the teams, the rest of the organization and our international sales force, so that processes run as smoothly as possible. This includes various employee interviews to gain insight into what goes well within the organization and where improvement is possible and desirable. What is the company culture like? And how are activities carried out? What routines are there? And are these routines still up to date, or is there room for improvement?

Raising service levels
A bit of data analysis is important in this context. Our ERP system contains an enormous amount of data that can provide more insight, overview and improved strategies. A simple example is the reliability of our stock. In order to raise the service level towards our (internal) customers to an even higher level, good stock reliability is essential. By measuring this and making clear agreements with employees and production locations, our supply chain can function even better. And there are many more services and processes for which data analysis can provide important input. That is what I am committed to every day.

Since July 2021, I have been working (again) for Bever Innovations. After five years working for a large trading company and an IT service company, I have returned to my old nest. In the past, I worked as an IT Project Manager at Bever Innovations for six years. After that period I wanted to spread my wings further and went looking for a new challenge. As a Business Analyst and Project Lead, I was able to simultaneously take care of the implementation of customs software at various business locations, for an organization with an annual turnover of 1.2 billion. After three very instructive years, I exchanged this job for one as a Cloud Consultant. Not only because I was fascinated by the possibilities in the Cloud, but also because I could do this job close to home.

Long-term goals
In recent years, I have gained a lot of new and valuable knowledge and experience. What I missed as a consultant, however, were the social contacts, working in teams and the shared ambition to raise the bar higher and higher. A phone call from Bever Innovations came at the perfect moment for me to review my career path. In my job as Operations Manager at Bever Innovations, I get the chance to further develop my ‘soft’ skills. I find that extremely interesting and challenging. My ambition for the coming years – in today’s complex market – is to get and keep all the noses pointed in the same direction, both inside and outside the organization, so that we can work together in a good and fun way. But also to implement long-term goals meaningfully and sustainably in our policy, so that we can be an even better employer and also a better partner for our clients.

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