‘Mexico is a vibrant and young economy, packed with chances and challenges’

An article on the Mexican market by Carlos Oliveira, Sales Director, Iberica and South-America, Bever Innovations.

‘Quick response times from our design, technical and production teams, adapting swiftly to the local specific requirements, have proved to be our biggest asset when servicing client inquiries’.

Local representatives

Bever Innovations started approaching the market in Mexico back in mid-2015 and we had our first significant contract in early 2016. Since that time, we have developed numerous relationships with several major clients, especially on the price sign business. Lighting is a tougher challenge, but even still this is also developing steadily, particularly on the accent lighting products. We have a local partner with offices across several states that are fully certified as Bever Innovations representatives, but we also have trained several other local companies around the country to provide maintenance services, to assure the final client requirements.

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