Display EV pricing on your price sign


Integrating EV pricing with traditional petrol signage can be a complex task, especially when you have an existing Point of Sale (POS) system in place.

We introduce the solution: the IC-Smart

The IC-Smart (interface converter) is designed to make the integration of EV charging information into your petrol station signage:

  • fast
  • cost-effective
  • hassle-free

Key Features of the IC-Smart:

  • Integration of POS and EV protocol data:
    The IC-Smart bridges the gap between your petrol station's POS data and online EV protocol standards. You can effortlessly display EV kWh price information alongside traditional fuel prices on your existing or new LED price signs.
  • Real-Time charger availability:
    With the IC-Smart, you can provide your EV-driving customers with real-time information about the number of charging spaces available, enhancing their convenience

Manage your products online:

The Bever Dashboard, a cloud-based online system empowers you to manage your petrol station's assets seamlessly.


  • Centralized management
  • Manual price adjustment
  • Dynamic content programming
  • Back-office system integration with API software interface

Display EV prices - explore the possibilities

At Bever Innovations, we understand that each petrol station is unique. That's why we offer multiple integration possibilities to cater to your specific needs and budget

1. Convert existing LED Price Displays

Transform your existing Bever LED Price Displays into EV price displays with just the addition of the IC-Smart.

2. Add a new EV LED Display to your price sign

Expand your existing monolith with a new LED display and IC-Smart to prominently showcase EV prices.

3. Display charging space availability

Use a dedicated LED display to inform customers about the number of charging spaces available.

4. Dynamic Promotional LED Screen

Enhance the customer experience and promote your offerings with a versatile LED Screen that combines EV price information, charging space availability, and dynamic promotions.


Take a look at some of our EV integration and back-office integration projects:

Shell Recharge, UK:
Display charger availability and dynamic content, back-office connection.


KarrGreen, France:
Display kWh and GNV price information + CO2 reduction.


E. Leclerc:
Display parking space availability, back-office connection to Assmann Group.


EVO Energy, UK:
Change EV prices remotely, via Bever Dashboard.