NCM Servicios introduces LS downlights in Argentina

Source: Bever Innovations’ partner NCM Servicios interview with website Surtidores (online portal for service stations in Argentina)


NCM Servicios introduces a luminaire system for service stations that extends their service life by up to 20 years in Argentina.

By: Surtidores Editor

The recent financing options for Service Stations promoted by Banco Nación – it will allocate $3,000 million – expands the investment outlook for the sector. And one of the main focus is on technological modernization, along with being more energy efficient.

NCM Servicios, a company dedicated to maintenance and work on Service Stations, provides different solutions and innovations in line with industry trends.

The LS EOS2 LED luminaire has integrated light, motion and temperature sensors for autonomous operation. The system communicates with each other with a software, that is to say that when a light turns on, so does the rest. Groups of luminaire can be also configured to oil companies criteria”, detailed Diego Martin, manager of Maintenance and Works of the company, in dialogue with

And among other great software benefits is that, you can decide how much you want to dim the luminaire and the amount of energy savings that is required. In addition, it allows comparison with 400W halogen lights, the percentage of savings you make and what the savings are in carbon dioxide that emitted into the environment.

“Conventional LED has between 70,000 – 80,000 hours. Whereas with this technology, by dimming the lens, the life of this luminaire is doubled and they last between 20 and 25 years,” he explained. He added that “they do not need maintenance, but if there is any kind of anomaly, it is detected by the software and the fault is communicated in detail, although they practically do not occur”.

Meanwhile, the first installation will take place in the next few days in a Shell service station and the idea is to include them in YPF’s concept of “Stations of the Future”, as well as in other brands in the market, since NCM Servicios also works with AXION, Puma, Voy con Energía and non-flagged operators.

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