• Flexibility in design
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Intelligent led systems

Parking and road lighting

To make your petrol station visible from a long distance, high-quality parking and area lighting is required. As a specialist in led lighting solutions for the worldwide fuel retail market, Bever Innovations makes sure that your petrol station area is well-illuminated. We do not only provide you with lighting that enhances the visibility of your petrol station, parking and road, we also offer products which ensure safety, user-friendliness, and energy-efficiency.


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Smart parking and road lighting as a part of an entire lighting system

Our led area and contour illumination offer various possibilities to create a safe and welcoming environment in and around your petrol station.  The Ambiente and CubiQ led lighting fixtures we offer, combine the best features and an attractive design.
- Different optics are available
- Advanced led technologies enable maximum protection 
- Integrated EOS Technology

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Do you want to receive more information about our petrol station lighting solutions? Or do you want to discuss your preferences for your parking and road lighting specifically? Please contact us at +31(0)111 74 54 00 or send an email to info@beverinnovations.com. Our specialists are happy to give you advice and create your bespoke light plan.