Bart Engels

International Business Development Manager

‘I love technology and one of the things I most enjoy is connecting our clients with innovations that can enhance their business’

I first began working in the lighting industry 15 years ago, with a company called Lighting Partner, which was later acquired by US company Lighting Science Group in 2008. Much of my work involved store and office lighting and I had the opportunity to work on some really creative aesthetic projects. I was at the company for eight years and during that period LED started to emerge as a functional lighting solution. We started to replace halogen and incandescent lighting with LEDs and this came with its own set of challenges. LED took off really quickly and it was exciting to be a part of the change.

My first foray into the fuel station industry came when we were asked by BP to come up with a canopy lighting solution for their fuel stations. From this we also secured contracts with a number of smaller retailers in the Netherlands. Lighting Science Group eventually pulled out of the Netherlands to focus its efforts in the US. I, along with one of my colleagues, contacted Bever Innovations about some stock we had remaining and this conversation led to them offering us both a job. I finished working for Lighting Science on the Friday and started my role with Bever Innovations the following Monday.

At Bever Innovations

“There is so much more to lighting than turning it on and off. I like to work with clients to explore innovative ways to use lighting more effectively.”

Our EOS technology, which allows customers to monitor and manage multiple sites remotely via the cloud, is huge for Bever Innovations at the moment and has been driven by customer demand. We are also witnessing greater demand in lighting for aesthetic purposes. My background in store lighting has helped me to advise clients on innovative lighting techniques, that not only looks great, but can help drive product sales.

With the rise of electric vehicles, meaning customers are spending more time on site, there is now a greater opportunity for LED screens. Our totem-based LED screen not only displays fuel prices but it can also be used to show promotions and offers to drive in store sales.

My role at Bever Innovations also involves finding opportunities in new markets. We already supply products to over 100 countries to clients including Shell, BP, Q8 and Total. There are however still areas of opportunity especially in the Middle East, which we see as a really exciting area for growth in the coming years. In this industry no two markets are the same and each has its own unique set of requirements. Innovation is in our name and as a company we are big enough that customers can feel confident in our ability to deliver, but small enough to remain flexible and to be able to quickly respond to the unique needs of our markets.

Contact Bart Engels:

Tel: +31 (0)111-74 54 47