Erwin Dingemanse

Commercial Director of Bever Innovations

‘ I enjoy translating our innovative technical solutions into practical (product) benefits for our customers’

As Commercial Director I’m responsible for Bever Innovations’ entire commercial team. From salespeople to the marketing department and across all three divisions. I not only manage the staff based in our office in Zierikzee but am also in regular contact with our staff abroad. In recent years we’ve set subdivisions in countries as Germany, Great-Britain and France. These ambassadors are an important part of our team and together we are striving towards the same goals.

I’m also involved in the nitty-gritty of our divisions. I’m regularly in touch with the Fuel, Industry and Horticulture team captains on how we can serve and process the market better. Around 80% of my time is spent on the fuel retail market. For example, I’m currently looking into the opportunities in terms of deploying our InMotion (InMo) LED screen worldwide. Which could include using the LED screens for the new electric charging networks rather than just integrating them into the pricing displays. What’s more, I can see significant opportunities in the fuel station shops. They’re growing in importance in the Netherlands and Belgium, you see. These days fuel is virtually an excuse to buy (or sell) coffee and sandwiches. The InMo LED screen homes in on this too, as it’s easy to integrate into any pricing display and subsequently serve as pricing display, information terminal and marketing tool in one. It’s possible to alternate fuel prices with the sandwiches of the week, coffee selection and other campaigns, as you see fit. In terms of technology, the Netherlands is streets ahead of countries like France, Germany and Spain, where pricing displays are still pretty traditional. That will definitely change in due course, and when that time comes, Bever Innovations will be the right, experienced party for the whole of Western Europe.

I joined Bever Innovations as a work placement student in 2003. Back then I knew nothing about refuelling. I just filled the tank of my car in 3 minutes flat and had no preference in terms of fuel station or brand. Nowadays, though, I can no longer pass a fuel station without looking at its overall image, the canopy illumination, the pricing displays and the way the lights are functioning…

I studied Commercial Economics at the HZ University of Applied Sciences from 1999 to 2003, then went on to study in Canada as part of an exchange project for a year before joining Bever Innovations, where I’ve stayed. Thanks to my commercial background, I’m doing a great job of turning our innovative technical solutions into practical (product) benefits for our customers. My ambition for the next few years is to make the service we provide to the fuel retail market more comprehensive. Moreover, I’m keen to keep growing the Industry and Horticulture divisions so that our three divisions are on a par with one another. Besides maintaining market share in Europe, I can see huge opportunities in Western Europe (Industry and Fuel), Africa (Fuel) and Asia (Horticulture)….