Hugo Jongebreur

Commercial Director Benelux at Bever Innovations’ Fuel division:

‘My ambition is to keep Bever Innovations in the vanguard’

Together with my team, I’m responsible for all Bever customer relationships in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. I’m on the road pretty much every day, meeting new and existing customers and looking for ways in which we can take the lighting and related products at their fuel station(s) to the next level. I enjoy transforming our customers’ wishes into a bespoke lighting plan, focusing on such elements as the desired light output/number of lux at the pump nozzles, on the ground and along the canopy edges, the desired image of the forecourt, canopy and shop, minimising energy consumption as well as light pollution in the vicinity. What’s more, I factor in existing lights, thereby keeping modifications to infrastructure to a minimum. I also enjoy giving customers a no-obligation introduction to our intelligent EOS technology, with it being easy to integrate the Bever Cubiq, Ambiente and LS LED luminaires, Bever pricing displays and Bever InMo outdoor LED screens into a single network, making it possible to combine optimum visibility, safety and energy-efficiency with straightforward management (in situ or remotely).

I joined Bever Innovations over two decades ago. Prior to that I spent 13 years working as a skipper on a vessel that took divers to perform maintenance work on such things as bridges, storm surge barriers and drilling rigs. I’ve been friends with one of the founders of Bever Innovations since I was young, and he offered me a job in 2000. Not keen on the idea of spending the rest of my life on a boat, I jumped at the chance. Initially I didn’t have much of an affinity with LED lighting, but I’m now very enthusiastic about the sustainability, image and intelligent controllability of Bever’s LED products. What’s more, the development that the organisation has undergone in recent years gets me really fired up too. When I joined at Bever Innovations, there were just eight of us. The organisation has gone on to experience tremendous growth, however, and we’ve even expanded to become market leader in our field, without having to sacrifice our streamlined organisational structure and the personal touch when it comes to communicating with our customers and with each other. The next few years will see me relishing helping the organisation to keep expanding and consolidate its position in the market. Keeping us in the vanguard. The development of the Bever Innovations InMo dynami LED screens is one example of a giant leap in that direction…

Contact Hugo Jongebreur:

Tel: +31 (0)111-74 54 42