Jacco de Ronde

Director of Bever Innovations:

My ambition is that we remain a healthy and innovative company that continues to see opportunities in the market’.

From their role as consumers, customers in the petrol retail, industrial and horticultural sectors, among others, are accustomed to being served quickly. Ordering today means in most cases: tomorrow at home. However, it is not easy to fulfil this requirement for customer and market-specific products. Nevertheless, Bever Innovations is committed to this. To accommodate customers, we take into account short lead times, fast production, easy assembly, minimum maintenance and a very favourable Total Cost of Ownership on the drawing board. Our products are developed as modularly as possible, so that we can also process customer-specific modifications quickly. This is highly appreciated by the market and we will be happy to implement it further in the coming years.

As director of Bever Innovations, my responsibilities include our IT and financial department. I am also involved in the strategic purchasing of products. However, I spend most of my time on new products, product developments and projects. Together with my team, I regularly come up with new concepts and further develop existing ones. I am the connecting link between the development and sales department.

I have been working at Bever Innovations for over twenty years and have been involved in the transition from a service and maintenance-oriented organisation to a product developer and supplier. Over the past few years, I have seen an enormous number of new, innovative techniques. I have an enormous affinity with the technical side of our business. I followed a postgraduate course in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management at Avans University of Applied Sciences, followed by the Technical Business Administration (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) and Electrical Engineering (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences). During my studies, I became acquainted with Bever Innovations and the technical possibilities of our products as an intern. Subsequently, I worked for several years as a system designer in the development department, where I was allowed to design hardware and software products. When the transition from service company to product company started, I set up the production department and since 2013 I have been director of Bever Innovations. Over the past few years, I’ve gained more and more contact with customers. This enables me to connect commerce/sales and technology even better. Thanks to my technical knowledge and background, I not only see opportunities in the market, but am also aware of any limitations. At the same time I try to translate the technical output of customers into input for our sales department. I am in regular contact with our sales team in order to put this into practice.

My ambition for the coming years is that we remain a healthy and innovative company. A company that continues to see opportunities in the market and is able to respond quickly and dynamically, without losing sight of our professionalism and/or strategy. The result: even further growth, development and new innovations.