Jyrki Löf

Business Development Director Scandinavia, Baltics and Poland

“Unmanned sites are hugely popular in Northern Europe, Bever’s EOS technology allows retailers to manage multiple sites remotely and ensures customers feel safe on the forecourt.”

Jyrki Lof

Before joining Bever Innovations, I worked for FLS Finland, a Finnish price display manufacturing company, for eight years. At the time FLS was focused on a specific region, although we did begin to secure projects with major oil companies such as BP that expanded our reach. Bever Innovations had a very global outlook and the products are designed for international use. It was an exciting opportunity to be offered a role that would combine my specific market knowledge with such innovative products.

At Bever Innovations

When I first started working in the fuel retail industry, 15 years ago, automatic price change was already standard in the region, due in large part to the popularity of unmanned sites and a thirst for technological innovation. Bever’s innovative and response approach means I am able to work closely with customers and find innovative solutions to meet their needs.  EOS technology is the perfect solution to meet the challenges of Northern Europe. Sensors are automatically installed in Bever’s LED products but can also be added to other equipment on the forecourt, meaning retailers can manage and monitor all aspects of their site remotely. The technology is designed to save energy and improve safety. The sensors automatically respond to motion on site illuminating and dimming the lights as required.

Whist technological innovation is important to our customers the main thing they want to be assured of is the quality of the product. This is particularly important in Northern Europe where labour costs are high should anything go wrong. We have a real focus on quality and with products in over 100 countries around the globe we have developed a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality lighting solutions. This is taken even further with the predictive maintenance feature of the EOS Technology, which allows maintenance to be planned before failure occurs – reducing down time and optimising the performance of the site. The Nordic and Baltic regions are renowned for their icy winter weather and it is also essential that our products can withstand the elements. Our lighting works well in all conditions, including extreme colds and looks great against a snowy backdrop!

Contact Jyrki:

Tel: +358 40 585 2068
E-mail: jlo@beverinnovations.com