Marc Meulenberg

Operations Director

‘Smart, lean and customer-oriented, with a heavy dose of fun’

I’m actually odd man out at Bever Innovations. I’m one of the few people without a technical background, you see. Instead, I was born, bred and trained in fruit and veg at the market. My father always had his own business, and I was spoon-fed entrepreneurial spirit. From a young age, I knew that not only product quality but also good service and excellent logistics were indispensable for optimum customer experience, whatever market you’re serving. So it won’t be surprising to hear that that’s what I’m fully focused on here at Bever Innovations.

From sales activities and drawing up lighting plans, preparing quotes and orders, to purchasing, production, logistics and customer service, I chart movements, actions and challenges with a view to making our processes quicker, cheaper and more efficient. In such a way that the quality of our products and services are guaranteed at all times. What process and production steps can we merge? And what actions can be stripped from the process? Are there any opportunities for further automation? And how can we guarantee rapid delivery times even if stock is limited? Extremely challenging issues, because Bever Innovations not only is a producer and supplier but also devotes a great deal of time to developing products. In this regard, the lean experience that I’ve acquired at various logistical services companies in recent years comes in really handy.

Indeed, market forces dragged me into logistics. I studied logistics and economics at Hogeschool Rotterdam at the age of 32. I’ve held various role at Schuitema, owner of retail chain Jumbo Supermarkets (formerly: C1000) and logistical suppliers Versteijnen Logistics and DHL. In all cases I had to support, coach and facilitate the staff I was managing to enable them to carry out their work as well as possible. Without worries. A position that I’m now able to fulfill at Bever Innovations. Smart, lean and customer-oriented, with a heavy dose of fun.

Contact Marc:

Tel: +31 (0)111-74 54 69