Marnick Blom

Accountmanager Benelux Sales Team

‘Building long-term customer relationships, that is my drive’

The petrol retail market is somewhat divided in 2020. Around 80% of fuel stations in the Netherlands and Belgium have now (wholly or partly) replaced their conventional luminaries with energy-saving, effective LED lighting. In this regard, long-term relationships have been forged with installation engineers as well as with suppliers, including with Bever Innovations. We have been active in the petrol retail market since as far back as 2009 and have now built a loyal customer base encompassing such firms as Shell, BP, Q8 and Total, as well as a wide array of smaller players.

Petrol station lighting to the next level

As an account manager, I am the pivotal figure between our customers and the internal organisation. Together with my team, I am responsible for building, maintaining and continuing to expand customer relationships in the Netherlands and Belgium. I am on the road virtually every day, selling individual products and/or complete projects. What’s more, I actively contribute my ideas to ensure that the lighting and related products are taken to the next level at our customers’ places of business. In that regard, we not only focus on numbers of luminaries and lux levels but increasingly also on intelligent controls, management and maintenance, preventing light pollution and boosting (or continuing to boost) customer satisfaction—things our existing technologies enable us to home in on optimally. For example, by integrating the Bever CubiQ, Ambiente and Luci Series LED luminaries, Bever Price displays and Bever InMo outdoor LED screens into a single network and managing them as such. Though also through meticulous data analysis, with the status of the Bever (lighting) products, the energy consumption, any faults and/or the information on the pricing displays being rendered transparent 24/7. Thus creating opportunities for 100% predictive maintenance as well as further enhancing both the visibility and safety at the fuel stations. This is highly appreciated not only by customers refuelling their vehicles but also by fuel station managers.

Building long-term customer relationships

I’ve been working at Bever Innovations since 2012. I studied Commercial Economics at what was then called Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen. I subsequently worked for DHL for a year, where I was engaged in telephone acquisition. Instead of hard-selling, I’m now involved in soft-selling activities, which is much more my style. I really enjoy visiting customers, seeing their projects and building long-term customer relationships with them. My ambition for the next few years is to see to it in conjunction with the rest of the team that Bever Innovations becomes and remains the number one party in the Netherlands and Belgium when it comes to LED products. Quite a challenge, and one I really enjoy devoting my time to each and every day.

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