Rutger van Dierendonck

Technical Director of Bever Innovations

‘I’m particularly fascinated by our products’ technical background

Within Bever Innovations I’m responsible for product development (new and ongoing). I’m regularly in touch with customers and am actively involved in addressing technical queries for which the sales team doesn’t have an immediate response. In conjunction with the development team, I devise new solutions within our existing product portfolios. What’s more, we examine the impact of a variety of (new and ongoing) developments. In particular, we’re currently seeing a growing need for dynamic content at fuel stations—the ability to actively promote coffee, sandwiches and other products in addition to fuel prices. Our InMotion (InMo) LED screen is ideal for this. Moreover, we’re seeing growing demand for asset management solutions that entail the data from such things as LED luminaires and pricing displays being used to simplify fuel station management and ensure that budgets are drawn up and spent better. Our EOS technology makes such solutions unproblematic. Data pertaining to such variables as temperatures, number of burning hours and light intensities is automatically saved in the LED products and can easily be read out (in situ or otherwise). What’s more, adding an EOS  Bridge (gateway) with Internet connection makes connections to Bever Innovations’ web portal EOS Connected, or customers’ own software possible.

Bever Innovations has its roots in the fuel retail market. That said, we’ve also made significant headway in industry now. In conjunction with the development department, I’m looking into how we can make an increasing number of our existing products suitable for industry too. In this regard we’re devoting ample attention to Smart Lighting, with connections to third-party systems also becoming possible. This will enable dynamic control of the lighting, creating optimum visibility, safety and energy efficiency. Last but not least, my remit includes the developments in the horticulture sector. We’ve developed a single focus product for this market, the Leaf Carrier, which makes it possible to maximise cultivation surface per square metre of floor area. Another innovation for this market is the development of our waterproof cultivation trolleys, rendering our product suitable for existing cultivation environments too.

I’m an electrician by background. I studied Electrical Engineering at the HZ University of Applied Sciences, followed by a course in Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The latter got me more interested in entrepreneurship. My interests took me in the direction of strategic management and change management, specialising in New Business: Innovation and Entrepreneurship. That’s what fires me up the most: developing new business and innovations in combination with entrepreneurship. In terms of hobbies, I’ve always been really into programming and that combination has been extremely useful within Bever Innovations. I’m particularly fascinated by our products’ technical background. And so I enjoy supporting our R&D team when it comes to developing new products that make processes even more visible, more efficient, easier to manage and/or safer, thereby effecting a revolution in the market. I’m keen to develop this further over the next few years. Moreover, I’m hoping to continue expanding the Industry and Horticulture divisions to ensure that we make a name for ourselves on the world stage in all three of our target markets. That’s what I’m striving towards each and every day.