Thomas Kröger

Business Development Director Germany, Switzerland & Austria.

“The German market is very mature and internationally focused. Quality and reliability is extremely important and that is why Bever Innovation’s products continued to be so well received.”

After completing a degree at the University of Hamburg in business administration and economics I took up a position at Reynolds Aluminium, which later became Alcoa Architectural Products. After two years working in the aluminium mill in Hamburg I moved to France where I was responsible for building the market for a specific product, which was aimed at the architectural market. Whilst developing this market I soon realised that there was potential for the product in the corporate identity and design market for cladding of car showrooms and petrol stations, particularly canopy fascia cladding.

After a brief break from the signage industry, I found myself a new challenge at Euramax, a company specialising in premium coated aluminium products where I was responsible for the European signage business with clients including Shell. I was there for five years before being approached by two of my customers, who were looking for a new set-up in Europe. I helped to set up a partnership between BORSI/IMM network and Hexagon and they asked me if I would take up the role of Sales Director, which I did for four years. During my time in the signage industry I gained a lot of experience of building markets for various products in Europe and created many connections, so when Bever Innovations approached me to develop their German-speaking market beyond their centralised contracts with MOCs it seemed like the perfect fit.

At Bever Innovations

The German market is very mature and internationally minded with a real of focus on the quality of products. When I first started working for Bever Innovations seven years ago we entered the market with the LUCI Series LED Under Canopy lighting series. Bever had successfully secured contracts with international companies but recognized the need to adopt a more local approach to create business relationships with the small to medium sized retailers in the region. The price of the LUCI lighting was often a bit more than the price of our competitors but we encourage our customers to look at the lifetime cost of the product, not just the initial investment. As well as being a reliable, quality product the LUCI series can also help customers reduce energy consumption without compromising on light quality.

The LUCI has been exceptionally well received in the region and because of the confidence in our products we are seeing increased demand for both our traditional LED price displays and our new InMo LED screens, which I believe will continue to grow in popularity.

Bever Innovations is a young, open company with a lot of ideas and flexibility in creating new products. The company is very internationally minded but what really sets us apart is the willingness to adapt to the needs of local markets.

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